Why So Much More?

The game is - for the ultimate edition - $99.99 - which translates to about £65. Except in the UK, it costs £83 - that’s 25% more! How? Why?

The limited edition at Game has all apart from the car pass for £55. it’s a physical copy of the game, and has a neat looking t-shirt bundled with it. If we say the t-shirt is worth £15, how is having a car-pass (was what, £20-25 for FM5 independently?) worth that much more? if we say maybe £10 for the having of a physical copy of the game, that’d make the difference £55 - that’d have to be one heck of a lot of free dlc to be the better value that it should be.

Is/will the car pass sold separately again? if so, I’ll get that the thanks… even if it costs over-all £90 it’s better than the digital only version of the game. Surely I’m not alone in not liking digital-only games? I forget about them. I Got Tomb Raider about 2 months ago… played it twice. Because I forget it’s there.

So yeah… what about the UK version of the digital only version of the game makes it worth what translates to $26 more? would I get $26 worth of dlcs more than those in the US? Even if it were sold as an actual physical copy on the 18th, have the t-shirt in the pack still… I want that! though I’d then be paying almost £30 for just the car-pass. As-is it’s that much more for even less. not even a box and … well… a game; like an actual physical thing I can see and hold and stuff.

Isn’t this something to do with US sales tax? I’m sure I remember reading somewhere that game prices in US dollars are quoted without the sales tax being included as the tax rate is different in different states.

In the UK there is only one rate of sales tax (VAT at 20%) so UK prices are always quoted with the tax added.

Either that or its just a massive rip off over here!

I remember reading something like this as well. Doing a country by country comparison like this is fraught with difficulties, as we need to take into account various forms of taxation etc. I would be more interested at looking at the percentage increase from the standard copy to the ultimate edition copy and comparing that between the countries. For instance if the UE version is a 25% increase in price from the SE in the UK but in USA it is only a 17% then something seems a bit… wrong?

In regards to the original post about the digital only side, I actually prefer digital only as I am then more likely to play the game. I am too lazy to change discs. Consoles would be better with multi-changers for me. However, like you (MistyCrom), I have friends who really like having physical copies and agree with your stance. It does annoy me a little that I am paying more money for the digital copy than the physical considering that it can be argued that less money is required to produce the digital only. I believe that is a Microsoft/store outlet issue. After all, stores choose their own pricing. Microsoft are selling at what they feel is acceptable for the content. I am paying for the convenience I want as it is my choice to do so, although part of me does feel like I am missing out on good deals elsewhere because of my laziness. This is a personal choice/problem. Economics gives me a headache. I am looking forward to getting the game though, I think it will be worth my cash :slight_smile:

I now want to find this t-shirt you speak off.

http://www.game.co.uk/en/forza-motorsport-6-limited-edition-only-at-game-738440 < this shows the t-shirt.

Also, went in-stroe and asked and was told it’s to do with the VAT; that in the US VAT isn’t a thing, as there’re other taxes on other things (property tax I think etc…)

Also seems that car pass as a separate code purchse will be a thing, so will be getting the LE and that.

NO, it’s a rip off in the uk. It’s been investigated by various news outlets. The answer is always some rubbish to justify it, without any facts to back it up.
My Forza LE Xbox one is £360 whereas US get it for $399 which equates to £258! £100 less, even with sales tax is massively cheaper in the US.

Here in Canada it’s $114.99

Yeah, $115 Canadian. Is it an exchange rate thing?

I’m actually not too sure.

problem solved, set your xbox region to US and go buy a $50 gift card for £30 buy x2 you get $100 for around £60 and some change, then buy the game form the US store…