Why remove A Class Mutilplayer?!

Why have you removed it!

Because they heard it would annoy you and thought that would be a laugh…


The game is still pre-release. You have early access whilst they are still messing with Servers and configuration. Of course things will come and go from the menus.

You are complaining about a game which hasn’t even been released yet. Calm down and let them do their work.

So what you’re saying is that we paid extra to beta test? I love apologist logic like this.


You paid extra for the Car Pass and extra car packs. You didn’t pay for early access as a feature. The ‘Early Access’ was a bonus as stated on the Ultimate Edition bundle. It also stated that Early Access was ‘subject to access’ which means that the game wasn’t complete and was still being worked on. Therefore, if it didn’t work all week then you cannot complain as it wasn’t a paid feature.

It came out today…

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Nope, the game is now released.

I was hoping we’d see a broader range of hoppers added but it seems there’s still just a handful, with a bit of luck a few more will be added as the week goes on.

No we paid for the flashy new tv advert I just saw


You can’t search for private sessions anymore and they just remove A Class. But thats the class i want to race but now i can’t because turn 10 says so? f.u.b.a.r

How do i even go about trying to get a response from Turn 10?!

You don’t. They don’t listen to us. They might say that they look through the forums at what we’re suggesting but me and everyone else can see that they clearly don’t

Email: forzafb@microsoft.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ForzaMotorsport
FB: Forza Motorsport

while that seems all good it in fact doesn’t work. They don’t reply to there tweets and they don’t allow posts on there Facebook so I’m not sure if we will ever get a response. Turn 10 are renounced for never responding to there community.

Oh please.

We’ll if you can get a response from them then go ahead because all attempts I’ve made in the past haven’t

They do.

They do.

Keep trying.

they also removed drift rwd only ! its like they want to pee us off and see how far they can push us by takeing more and more out and yet we will still buy the game !!

its the same as forza 5 left with loads of bugs and no content

forza h2 left with loads of bugs but alot of content compare to h2

just seems there care less and less each time

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Maybe if lots of people bombard them on Twitter someone will get a response. Bear in mind it is launch day for the US today so you’re not gonna get an instant response. I’ve tweeted Dan G and the forza Twitter account and will post if I get a response. Didn’t think to hash tag it - if anyone can think of one to use again that might help it trend?

I don’t think they will respond. Maybe they are too busy, but I really hope the bring back all the online hoppers. I have stopped playing because I want to choose certain online hoppers which aren’t there. Please bring them back Turn 10