Why not so much racing in D class, and maybe even B in the world tour???

When I race there are always options for F and A. And usually E. I think S always. And now that I’m in the series I am, R3 is usually represented. But then B, C and D are sometimes spotty. B class usually seems like it has to be something specific. Like a Camaro B, or Japanese Sedan B. And I barely ever see a D class race. I think I keep seeing a D class mustang race. But usually not much else. I think once you get to the championship all classes are offered an open race, but it is NOT the case the other times. Even C is a little hit or miss. You’ve got the 70’s American muscle and then sometimes just a generic C class. But I feel the game is sort of pigeonholing you to either race really fast cars or really slow cars. Whereas I feel like I’m kind of at home in C or B class. But I don’t even know about B because they don’t offer it too much. A is getting challenging to me and then S and R3 are like AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAh. That’s too fast. LOL.

I realize I need to challenge myself to get better. But I also like being able to actually control my car so I can learn to take the corners on all the courses properly. Or maybe better put I’m trying to learn good lines. Which is also challenging in a race because the only way to pass someone is to take weird lines. And when a race is only 2-3 laps long, you have to try to pass whenever you can. Especially since they always start me towards the back of the pack.

You know?

It’s literally been years since I’ve played World Tour mode, so I may be mistaken, but I’m pretty sure that if you are already in e.g. a B class car then you will be offered at least one event for that class per round. Same for any class, select the car you wish to race in, go into World Tour and you should be offered random races in that class.

Not when I play. Last race I did did not offer any B class cars, even if I had a B class car picked. Wait, I take that back, that had a B Camaro race. The next race I’m doing in my world tour only allows R3, S and A, no matter what car I had chosen. Every race doesn’t allow every class. Which is fine, it’s just that there is very seldom a B race offered in ANY of the races I’ve been doing. Which is kind of weird if you ask me.

It just may be your time zone. I go on probably more than I should and D class online is my go to class.

Oh well, you could always look up races for your class of choice in the Event List I suppose.

Yep. I’ll do that when I’m done with the world tour. My next race is a general B class for once. LOL. It’s at Suzuka Circuit and it’s one of them “World Championship” type races. Usually when they do that they do all the classes, without spec’ing a type of car. It’s just open to whatever car you want for that class. But this is not the case in the other races. You know?

I played through world tour, but I much prefer just going off the event list since I can go at my own pace in the exact series I want. With world tour I believe it selects what series you’ll run based off the car you have selected and the cars in your garage. Enter world tour with a class D or E car and it should give you more class D options.

I’m looking forward to that. And of course racing on line. Although that I’m more intimidated about.

Good luck with online now.

I gave up on it…tired of waiting for a race. Same with NFS Shift series. Used to be great fun.

If you do get online, watch out for the morons who simply want to knock you off the track. Usually they’re totally useless drivers, so if you can get past the first bend, should be ok, but then watch out for the idiots laying in wait on the circuit, purely to come out and knock you off. Just before the finish line is a favourite spot for this of course.


I almost exclusively race the ABC’S lobby and it’s almost always clean racing. Also since it’s multiclass if you are either crushing the field or getting crushed by the field it’s still fun cuz you have to watch your mirrors or pass slower traffic or both. Different style of race craft needed in that lobby.

That sounds like it would make for MORE contact. AAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!

The difference in that lobby is that if there is contact it’s usually racing related and understandable instead of just some tool ruining the race for kicks.

It only takes one or two yahoos to really ruin it for others. That is the downside. But I’m assuming there are good races going on out there too.