Why no vinyls of national flags?

Would the devs ever consider adding national flags to the vinyl options? It would be nice to (for instance) add a Union Jack to the top of a Mini.

I know that there are folks that make flags in the editor and share them, but if I use someone else’s vinyl group, I can’t then share a design. And for what it’s worth, not all of us have the skills to recreate a flag in the editor.

I’m curious as to why flags for different countries haven’t been included, because I’ve seen them included in other (admittedly older) games.

A Union Jack is a 5 minute job for a beginner let alone an expert. I could probably do a Flag Tutorial.

Not being able to share creations when using another’s vinyl groups is what spurred me on to learn how to do it for myself.

Go on, be brave, take the plunge and try something simple. There are several tutorials on Youtube on the basics of the vinyl editor but I’ll give some tips here on recreating proper logos or indeed flags :

To recreate something to proper size and scale, I use an overlay on PC which enables transparency and click-through. You then basically have to ‘trace’ the image on screen.
I know. That’s a bit much for a first go but don’t fret - there’s another way and it can be done on console too - As long as someone else has made the vinyl group you want.

Search for - In your case a Union Jack (or Union Flag when not in naval use). I give my permission to use mine (search Union Flag/Jack by Nugsy 1).

Once you’ve downloaded the desired image, load it up in the vinyl editor. Now obviously you cannot just save share this vinyl as your own yet…
The idea is to now copy it. Someone else has done the hard work, getting it to scale and all.

For the flag, begin with a white square shape, edit that shape and turn the transparency down until you can clearly see my flag below it.
Next, adjust to the correct size. For now, leave it semi transparent.
The next easy bit will be to take another square, choose red and make it semi transparent. Stretch this square out to a rectangle and marry it up to make a part of the red cross below.
Repeat for the other part of the cross.
Then take a triangle, choose the correct blue and again make it semi transparent.
Yep, you’ve guessed it - Now make that the right size and shape to match what is below (my flag).

Once it’s all in place and my flag is matched up with your vinyl pieces (or vice-versa) you’ll need to edit each piece to turn the transparency back to 100%.
MOST IMPORTANTLY - Before you finish, REMOVE MY FLAG from below yours.
Now you can save it as your own and share it on your creations as you wish.

This process can be done with any logo on any platform.
I challenge you to give this a shot. Even though you’re only copying you’ll get a great sense of achievement for having created a proper vinyl group of ‘your own’.

My top tip for a beginner is to regularly save your work, backing out from the enforced ‘share’ option.
I’ve lost progress before now due to iffy internet and once a power cut mid-work.
For all other tips, someone on Youtube will show you how.

I hear you both, but I’m a console player, and my computers are Mac devices. (And for what it’s worth, I won’t let myself game on a PC because I have zero self-control - I would be unable to hold a job, and my wife would probably leave me!)

I’ve tried making a British flag on the console editor on FH4, and it’s proved to be past my abilities, sadly. But I’ll give it another go. The transparency idea on the console is a great tip, by the way. Thanks!

I appreciate that Germany, France, and Italy have flags that are fairly simple, though.

All my designs were done on the Xbox One S. For a Flag you don’t need a PC. Most flags are just a bunch of rectangles. In fact only about 10 rectangles.

Actually, I now agree with the OP.
Whilst flags are easy enough, the Welsh one isn’t (and many others).
A flag made and supplied by Forza would cost us one vinyl layer. My Welsh flag is near 700 I think.
But then that’s nearly 200 flags to introduce if they were to please everybody.

Yeah, flag of Wales, especially the revision up to 1959, is stupidly detailed.

I think the main reason flags were deprecated is because of the “notorious iconography” phase T10 went through some years back. Folks were mad butthurt over some shapes arranged in some particular manner and didn’t care for it one bit, so they complained to daddy up top. That authority trickled down and a mass ban was issued IIRC. But, then again, players have been getting perma-banned because of oak/maple leaves since FM3.

I put my racer name and flag of nationality on all of my designs. Instead of what would be 64 layers for a USA flag, I just use something of low complexity. The stars look like circles because of the low resolution and anti-aliasing. Most folks won’t ever notice, let alone care even if they do.

But yeah, pretty much no flags because toddlers mad. I actually suspect some parent saw something on some design their kid was sporting and felt it personally offended them enough to report it, so if that’s the case thank spineless parents for not having easy access to flags which may hog up to 700 layers as mentioned for the Welsh flag. :confused: