why no lobby select menu?

Why is it your intention to make us go into and back out of hoppers over and over again to find one that is near completion and also relatively full? Would it really have been that hard to just give us a single menu with every multiplayer lobby available and allow us to quickly scroll through them all until we find one to our suiting? Like sort by division, or sort by number of players, or sort by laps completed or whatever.

I know this comment isn’t particularly constructive, but 6 months ago I tried asking nicely “Please can we have a multiplayer lobby select menu” and you said “no”. So now I’m just complaining. It’s just annoying going in and out of the endurance gt hopper over and over looking for one that’s not 20 minutes away from finishing until finally the game just crashes to desktop. Like, fine, I’ll just play something else.

yeah, yeah, I know, you’re not interested in our feedback. You’ve already created the greatest racing game that has ever, and will ever exist until you bestow us with its successor.

p.s. I know your moderators are just going to lock/delete this thread without a single dev or product manager seeing these comments and that it’s a waste of breath, but just know that it’s this exact lack of interaction with your fans that losing you business. try reading reddit some time where you can’t just white wash away the complaints. You’ve lost many loyal customers, maybe it would be in your best interest to try to keep them.


Then maybe try posting where the devs see your comments, i.e. the official wish list.

Wish List threads.