Why Level 42 Is A Total Bust

Once upon a time, the AH was a free market economy, and it was pretty awesome. Now it’s crap.


Actually, it still is a free market in game economy! See, when someone puts up a car for x cr, one of two things will happen. It’ll either sale or it won’t. If it does sell that sets the precedent for the seller(s). Let’s take the Horizon RX-7 for example. A completely free by any means car in game, however it sells for several million cr. Why? Because people don’t want to work for it and just want to buy it. There was a flush of them early on, then they became more rare after everyone got their free ones sold on the auction house. Now that there’s less on the market they’re put up, and sold, for millions of cr. Supply and demand, one of the core concepts of capitalism, plays heavily in these auction houses. And fortunately, to keep the in game market from collapsing and everything becoming one cr, because that would mean after one race you could buy x amount of cars on the auction house, essentially ruining the game and making cr worthless. You want something rare, pay up. Especially for a FE car.

Each car has a set limit as to how much it can be sold for, as far as I know. Some cannot even be sold. I chose a Lykan as my prize car from the Livery Contest last week, thinking…I already have all of them, might as well pick one I can make some money off of. Guess what? Car can’t be sold.

Some people seem to be able to sell for more, I’m not sure why. I cannot.

Free market means that the market sets the price. In this instance, Turn 10 sets the price, hence it is not free market.


Yes. Ford Focus FE is free. Here you go:

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Yeah, I have been on Collector Level 42 since Adam was in shorts. The last SD helped a little. I think the DLC’s are measured in micro installments for collector value so I am thinking 2-3 months I might make 43.

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What happens at level 43? Does it offer different gameplay once you reach that level or something?

I hit level 43 last Wednesday the SD cars were just enough to pop me over the line now getting to 44 may be a challenge.

There’s nothing new there and there’s absolutely nothing stopping the op from continuing on and finishing the game.

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I bet the max is 50. I have absolutely no evidence to show such but just seems about right after you factor in every yet to be released car pack, expansions (I would assume 2 will happen based on the last 2 Forza games), locked cars, and unicorn cars.

In other news I got a Veyron via level up rewards. Pretty sure that was a locked car. Happened at level 297 or 298.

It’s looking that way, seems doubtful if it stops in the 40’s.

I’ve sold 3 or 4 of them already in the Auction House, nice profit for buying them (at a discount from leveling up) for 1.1 million and selling them for 1.6 million. They sell within minutes even with maximum buyout.

I’m not worried about it - I expect to be playing FM7 for 2 years, I’ve got all the cheevos except Underdog, Collector level 50 gives me some little milestone to shoot for. I make up my own little goals along the way - still working on driving every car I own, getting some more Top 1% times, etc - but I like having some FM7 goals out there too. I plan on playing the Forzathons, bounty hunting and other Rivals, and League play whenever I catch them. I know I’ll miss a bunch of them when the weather’s good (we had a great late-summer, so I missed a bunch in the first month post-Launch) but it gives me something else to look forward to.

I’ll have no trouble dropping 6M-26M at AH on any car I don’t yet have, when I find 'em. Between racing and Rewards, I rack up a few mil a week. What else am a gonna do with it?

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So you all but finished the collector aspect of this game… that’s a gripe? Hate to break it to you, but eventually every game runs out of new content.


It’s running in the family.

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Im collection lvl 43 with $125M+. I just want the rivals leaderboards back to how they were in previous games. I could spend hours hotlapping ghosts and setting 1% times. Now its so limited and hard to put in the time like i used to. :frowning:

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I have been 43 for weeks. Over 1/4 through 43 now. Currently only missing 1 car that has been available. The 2016 Porsche…

Not even free cars would tempt me back to the leagues. It’s gotta to be the most currupt and one sided set of rules I have ever had the discomfort to take part in. That’s coming from someone who is level 43 and I own everything u can and planned to complete the collection…Not gunna bother now

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Dubai full in the exotic gt division has 1.5 million times posted. You require 3% of the ppl who posted times on that board to hit legendary status.

If your clever and tune or paint a car that is either getting given away or being used in an event you can easily rack up a few thousand likes. Getting 50000 requires you to be what it says on the tin legendary

I have just over 20K across about 15 liveries, counted this morning. I can guarantee you that less than 5% of the people that posted times on that Dubai board are still playing.

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Would be interested to know how you can guarantee that. Please post your methods. Thanks

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