Why is Multiplayer game chat still an issue?

The games been out for a minute now and game chat not working but every so often is still a thing why? You can be in a lobby for 45 min and maybe 10 minutes of that you can actually communicate with people. ultra facepalm

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I am still waiting on the mute all option. Something that’s been standard across many titles for years. I do not want to hear people sneeze, cough, fart, or cause huge feedback from an overactive mic. Having to mute people 1 by 1 makes the game crash in the menu’s pre-race. Plus it takes ages for something that should be a simple option of on/off

Just start a party with only yourself in it, and you won’t hear the game chat at all. A useful workaround I use whenever I venture into online gaming :slight_smile:

I just want the ability to be able to regularly communicate with people in the rare instances that I find a drift lobby that has decent people in it. Like last night, I was in a lobby for 45 min absolutely killing it with a rando and I couldn’t communicate the entire time.

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