why have I been banned from store front 4 times

banned from store front 4 times due to in-valid reports …why when it says under review that no one views what has been reported ,I am not the one abusing the terms and conditions of xbox live or forza (turn 10) ,so why do I pay the price of a ban and not the people putting false reports in ?

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Very unlikely you were banned from just someone reporting something. If you check your paints and designs, likely you have put something in your store front against TOS, often language, profanity, or explicit images are the issue.

Bans are not discussed on the forums ever. Should you have any questions regarding enforcement action taken against you by Turn 10, please contact them directly at forzafb@microsoft.com.
Replies, if you get one will take a while.

Most likely the Under Review items are in the hands of Turn 10 for examination for possible violations of the Xbox Live Code of Conduct. As you probably know from your two previous bans, posting items like liveries for sale without the original artist’s permission is a violation of the Code. You may contact Turn 10 at forzafb@microsoft.com if you are concerned about what they’ll learn from examination.