Why graphic settings not saved each time i start the game?

I have the latest invidia driver, latest version of windows 10.
Every time i start playing the game i get this messege and settings go to default…
I try reinstall the game

The messege i get is “autodetect system has chosen the folowing preset for your system extreme”

Normally you get this message if the hardware changed since the last start of the game, of if the drivers changed or if the game was updated. If you get this message though nothing of the mentioned before reasons exists, maybe there is a problem with the savegame of the game or the configuration file.

Is the game from the Microsoft Shop or from Steam? Do you start Windows as well as the game as administrator? Tried to move the game data to another drive? How many free capacity has the installation drive left?

If you change the graphics detail, do you save the changes as well?