Why does this happen guys?

Went to have a quick blast of forza 6 to try it out on the rig before work this morning, and the whole game starts reinstalling again. Grrr.

Really winds me up, especially since its 45 gig, its not the first time this has happened pre ordering digitally on xbone though, seems to be getting more frequent

Game isn’t released until 13:01 UTC today

If it’s reinstalling then it was probably never installed in the first place. Though it’s entirely possible they’re pushing out more Ultimate Edition content to preload since I’m pretty sure the core game is the only thing that’s preloaded so far.

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Thanks i mustve misread the release time, oops. Doesnt make a difference to the fact that ive had to install twice though

It was defo installed, it took 45 gig originally.

I remember it happening with mortal kombat, and gta5. I feel sorry for people with monthly net caps lol

Did you actually see it in the process of installing though? The game would show a 45gig placeholder for several weeks before the actual preload was avaliable, and for many people wouldn’t install automatically unless the game was uninstalled and reinstalled.

Yes, when i first got it the game didnt install, it was just a few mb’s placeholder key type of dl, but since then it dled the 45 gig, in the past week or 2.

Like I said, same heppened with other games, gta 5 did it with me and a friend in the party, 1 min past 12, after a 50 gig install, game installs the 50 gig again, talk about downer. Lol

I had the same issue (installing never finished), but I did a power cycle on my One, then I played a quick round of Hardline, and that seemed to solve endless install for me :wink:

Of course it’s still locked til later today (for me). I do hope for a smooth early launch…

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So if my game is showing up at 0GB and there is nothing in the queue should I reinstall?

Really want it to be done for when I get home tonight after eagerly waiting last night only to find it wasn’t going to happen.

Nope. If it’s showing up as 0 gb it’s just because you’re offline and it’s a preorder.

Mine did the same. I switched off, unplugged at wall socket, waited 30 odd seconds and started the Xbox again. It then showed as 45GB. Give it a try, I don’t think you need to reinstall.

Sorry, but since when are consoles ‘rigs’? PC’s are ‘rigs’, oil-rigs are ‘rigs’ but not consoles, consoles are ‘consoles’

I except your apology, lol. I meant my racing rig, i built it, just like you would build a pc…

Accept* lol

mine install was done days and days ago. This morning i had a small 5 min update. but still can play yet

First time didn’t work. Then I turned it off completely but without disconnecting the cable and now it works. It shows 45,8 gb.

All I can say is, mine shows fully installed and ready to roll. Any yes, I actually saw it install. So, no problems here.

Thats exactly the same situation I was in before it reinstalled this morning lol