Why does the Drivitar start racing so soon?

It’s not all that important that my Drivitar begin racing. I think it would be better for the drivitar to gather more intel.

Say what?

to earn you credits. every race your drivatar wins online you get the credits then next time you log in. it gets better as you get better.

I’m aware that it earns me credits but I’m not all that desperate for them. It should take the time it took in the 3 last titles to ready your drivitar for racing. I want my drivitar to place win races and look halfway descent on the track.

Unfortunately you’ll never know. Therefore, your drivatar can be ignored since it there is no way to track its progress. Out of sight, out of mind basically.

Also its not going to be out running your exact times, lines and all that its basically ai with your gamer tag on it

So what was all that lip service, what’s his name from Turn 10 was going on about with the whole your Drivitar mimics how you drive?

It does to an extent. It observes your etiquette and tries to do what you might do in given situations. Drivatars don’t have a skill level, however. I’m high enough on leaderboards that I might qualify as a professional or maybe unbeatable Drivatar, but my Drivatar can appear in races on all difficulty settings including the very lowest. My wife is terrible and struggles even with assists and the Drivatars dialed down to noobs but her Drivatar can still show up in my races if I set difficulty to unbeatable. Their lap pace is scaled according to difficulty settings.

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It takes on some characteristics of your driving style.

It takes on some “average” characteristics so the most extreme drivers do not have extreme drivatars.

They do not run the same times you do probably given how wide ranging the times are between drivers.

It is ai that is trained by us but up to a point where it tries to strike a balance between real and playable.

Originally a lot of people did not like that balance so it was tweaked in a game update.