why do you lose points when you roll

what iz the point??? lol point

teach a pet to roll…

it hard enough that you cant get a lot of perk in the game

you cant get any perk for seazon completion

400 per series

I’m not even sure what to make of this

When you get 25 skill points, buy the extra life perk in the car menu. This will allow you to roll or crash the car once and not lose your skill chain.

However, if you drive as badly as you type forum posts, it might be better if you play Mario Kart instead of Horizon 4.


i got that…

i am saying it should not effect the car at all any type of roll or a reset from a roll over

Losing skill point is about the impact force of the collision. It has nothing to do with rolling. You can do barrel roll in the air and get skill point for it.

Legacy from FH3 when clean and skilled driving had value.

I keep in memory that moment I saw, first test of the game, the perk allowing 3 hits until loosing the chain. That moment, I knew bad things were on the way.

im really unsure what this guy is even saying

can some one explain in plain English without all the ZZZs