Why do you do this T10?

Why is it that you allow us to upgrade the bentley continental GT Speed to look like the gt3 version but dont allow us to make it perform like one


I agree with you that it should have GT3-level tuning potential, but I’m still going to answer your question with, “Because they can.” :stuck_out_tongue:

Because licensing, or because T10 have never really given us the opportunity to convert a car into its race car twin (like some cars in GT for example).

Well why do they have a pikes peak kit for the pug, but it doesn’t drive like one? the same reason that when you fit a Ferrari bodykit to an MR-2 it still drives like an MR-2 - its a different car.

we have 458S, and the GT version handles completely differently. You don’t get that level of performance by strapping a body kit on