Why do the majority of people not choose custom liveries/paintjobs?


I believe that is directly related to the large amount of players who jumped ship after the initial launch and the atrocious CarXP garbage system. And then later players just giving up on the lack of communication between the players and T10 (which is still questionable at best even with the meager quarterly attempts). And still they (T10) haven’t really done anything to encourage players to return.

Coupled with the atrocious state of the paint shop in general. And as someone else pointed out, there is no creative hub. And no way to really effectively find a good selection of liveries. It’s all rather a clunky system.

This game seems more like it should have been FM1 rather than FM8. I think FM1 was even more advanced in many ways than this version of the game.

Given the six year span between FM7 and this game, and the current progress of updates, I predict it will at least take six more years of updates at the current rate to finally exceed where FM7 was at it’s end of life.

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Did tons of Painting in FH5 and was really enjoyable.
FM8, think I’ve been into the paint shop once and it was so painful (one of many painful experiences with this game) that I never bothered giving it a second look, choose the color when purchasing and that’s it.


Oh it is painful no doubt. And if I hadn’t managed to download vinyls from FM7 and FH5 I would have never done much paintings at all. It will be interesting to see if the matte vinyl bug over metal finishes gets fixed with the new update. I’m not holding my breath.

Communication with anyone at T10 is so very sparse and limited. If you do manage to make a rare connection it usually takes the form of question asked, T10 person happens to give that rare answer asking for more info. Give more info with an additional and highly relevant question. Total and absolute but highly expected T10 return to silence. It almost makes a person think the T10 person who slipped up and answered the first question got severely reprimanded or maybe fired. Shame on you for talking with the peasant customers!

Yes, lack of a creative hub is a big fail. Another thing that should have been ported over from Horizon 5.


Maybe it would have been better to have PGG develope FM8 instead of T10. :thinking:

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Agreed, lack of creators undoubtedly due to less players for lots of reasons. For me, FM8 is a bit boring. I do the fomo stuff and have tried some multiplayer but I’m not as good as I used to be, and even then I was barely average. I hate the understeering cars and can’t tune. I was hoping the new carpg and builder’s cup system would include a guide to tuning, but it’s the same old “add heat to get warm, cold to cool” type of advice.

I still make some vinyls and liveries in the older games then see if I can import them. Mostly works but FH4 has a habit of going into an endless saving mode or just crashing to dashboard lately which it never did before.

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Apart from period-correct racing series liveries, I don’t bother with them really. I spend infinitely more time in the cockpit camera view than anything external, so why bother?


See that Golf @DTDeschain2535 ?

Yeah that is your car with your livery on it.

I think the reason behind that is because when you choose a car to race and you buy it in the race menus, we don’t have an option to choose custom liveries/paint jobs. Even if we buy a car in the main menu only, we have fabric colors for a car.

I don’t even own that car :thinking:

How can that be then? Maybe you own it in another Forza game?

Or the Drivatars just get random liveries.

Maybe its a random livery if they dont own the car?

I dont have any other Forza on this xbox account, Motorsport or horizon.

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I use custom liveries. I even apply them to AI as well (to make things different)

Because I don’t have much time to play, and I prefer to spend my time racing cars than hours of coming up with a paint scheme. I’m already spending enough time having to tune the cars as well.

You know it only takes a minute to download an awesome livery that are made by others though right?

The download is one thing, but if you then see that the spoiler, bumper etc. doesn’t match the livery it takes some time to “adjust” your car. And sometimes you can’t because the liveries have been imported from older games and they just don’t fit. I seen this NUMEROUS times. It’s so annoying they really screwed it up.

@T10ManteoMax has this even been acknowledged?

I see the that liveries of sort of design “stars” don’t fit the cars anymore. There is something COMPLETELY wrong about the IMPORT of liveries from previous titles. I know for a fact that Wombi62 is one of the best livery creators, i downloaded his liveries in FM7, FH4 and FH5. But they DON’T fit in FM23 anymore. It’s like the coordinates have been imported WRONG and the liveries don’t match the cars anymore. I don’t know if the higher ups are aware of this, but that is also a part that RUINS the game.

It’s mostly on the bumper, spoiler etc. not the car itself where the mismatch happens. It’s SO ANNOYING!

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Can you post a SS

A lot of times, the livery has been created for a specific combination of aftermarket bumpers, wing, etc. When importing a livery from an older game, those exact aftermarket parts don’t always exist in the newer game, thus causing the imported livery to look like it doesn’t fit regardless of which parts you add.

If someone imports a livery from a previous game, I (almost) always check to verify that nothing has “shifted” before I share the livery again. It happens that a whole design side of a car in a newer game is slightly off, or some times even way off.

If you download somebody else’s livery and the alignment is off, it’s most likely because the designer didn’t check the imported livery before they shared it. I consider it a noob mistake to assume that every model from one game to another has no modified panels, or that the same aftermarket parts are unchanged.

Let JetPartySalad know if there are issues with the livery system. He seems to be getting the job done. Max isn’t even getting the community management job done any more.