Why do the A.I cars fuel reset to 100% after each of the 1st three laps?

I set up a single player race, 60 laps and 1 quick stop with simulation fuel tire and damage. After each of the first three laps the A.I’s fuel resets to 100%. This is why it doesn’t have to pit long after you’ve had to pit. A.I will pit more than once even if you don’t set any quick stops. Speaking of, after the A.I pits I’m sure the fuel resets for each of three laps after. Another issue that I noticed is it didn’t even stop at a pit stall when it drove into pit row the car only slowed to a crawl as normal. All the claims I’m making you can check for yourself by creating a 30 lap race with full sim damage and 1 drivatars at expert difficulty. After you finish, watch the replay with telemetry, damage. You’ll only need to watch the first three laps. Oh ya the track is Sebring full. The A.I is given a lot of unfair advantages over your homologated car even at lesser difficulties. Is this bug unintentional or intentional? I honestly hope that this is a legit bug.

It seems that there are different versions of FM7, I never experienced that the AI/drivatars wouldn’t need to pit or that their fuel would reset when doing longer races. They can drive a little bit further than me when using the same car but that is because of my drive style that isn’t very fuel efficient.
Which division/class and settings do you use for this race? So I can test it myself and see if it is something different when racing against specific cars.

Came second in the Nurburgring endurance showcase because 2 AI cars simply didn’t pit the entire race. That was frustrating

I had to turn the difficulty down to highly skilled on the Le Mans showcase enduro because the lead AI car pitted every 11 laps and I had to pit every 5 laps. I could overcome a 1 or 2 lap difference at Pro but not 6 lap difference… I can’t imagine this is working as intended, surely its a bug. I shouldn’t have to pit for fuel every 5 laps no matter how I drive.

Top AI uses diesels at Le Mans… It’s possible to defeat them quite easily with the car you’re given…

Run pedal to the metal, ignore the AI pitting… You’ll win by a good margin.

Yeah,. IRL those Porsches will be doing 10 - 11 lap stints. Don’t know why the consumption is so high in game

I was using the DBR9 and the A.I was using #4 Corvette Racing ZR1, they were both homologated.

I do most of my free play races in the GT division, never seen anything weird. The Chevy has a far better fuel comsumption (or bigger fuel tank), I think the best one of all the GT cars. I can do 24 laps on Sebring with it without having to pit for fuel.

Chevrolet = low revving engine, high torque… Will run laps all day compared to thirsty Aston Martin V12.

I did a 10 lap race just now on Sebring, expert, 1 drivatar using the Chevrolet, me using the Aston, sim damage & fuel. Watched the entire replay with telemetry of the Corvette and at no point the fuel was reset. The fuel went smoothly down from 100% to about 60%.

I believe there is a bug in the replays where if you skip ahead or back, the fuel gauges in the telemetry reset to 100%. Perhaps that’s what the OP is experiencing. Also, fuel efficiency in general is something T10 has never been accurate with.

I also replayed the video and watched my telemetry and the fuel consumption was steady. I was running 60 laps with only one quick stop set. “Braindead” I stated that you should set the race length for 30 laps with only 1 quick stop set. Cause if the race is only ten laps there will be no need for the A.I’s fuel to replenish. You can even go watch the replay I saved. You can find it by searching for my gamer tag.