Why do people always vote for wet races?

I don’t understand I enjoy wet races, I’m a bit of a sadist so I also enjoy B class lobbies.

However with the small amount of intelligence nature gave me and a large amount of bitter experience I know that 24 randoms with collisions on is going to be painful.

And yet every time a wet option appears they all vote for it!! It’s like turkeys voting for Christmas/thanksgiving I just don’t understand. I’ve just had to do silverstone in the wet twice in a row…apparently the 1st time through which started with a monster pile up (which left me 23rd from 1st and battling back up to 10th) wasn’t enough, we needed to do another variant in the wet!

However the second time I put all competitive instincts to one side…and thought I shall survive I started 23rd the grid…I’ll let the video tell the story.

It’s 1:07

Because the rain is fun and exciting to race in. In my experience online so far it doesn’t matter if its wet or dry… With 20+ people there is going to be a huge pile up regardless of conditions. I’ll agree about visiting the same spot twice though. The hopper selection is horrible and you seem to get the same options for tracks every time. They really need to rework the track selection in the hoppers.

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Rain Dancer - Complete 50 laps in the Rain in Multiplayer

I expect people will keep voting for night tracks too at some point, its just like Longbeach and Nurburg in FM5.

Nightvision - Complete 50 laps at Night in Multiplayer

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For a sec there I thought I was being referred to somehow.

Eventually everyone will get the lines required to get around the puddles safely. Since they’re not dynamic, it won’t take long.

I enjoy the rain, the puddles not so much.

I don’t play multiplayer though so I’ll likely never get my namesake achievement.

Rain is novel and unpredictable. Anyone can win.

Probably a combination of it’s new and the achievements. .

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ding-ding-ding We got a wwwwinnerrrrr here!

And no, rain is NOT fun. Thrilling, sure. Fun? Not one bit.

I disagree completely, rain is awesome. It all comes down to driver a lot more than in the dry. I have driven on track in the rain IRL on multiple occasions and its a blast, its all about being smooth and putting the power down the best you can. If you really dislike it that much take a step back, slow down and learn the characteristics of the rain physics before you dismiss it. Soon enough you will be asking for nurburgring+GP in the rain.

Don’t get me wrong I think wet races are worthwhile addition and really enjoy them for hotlaps or offline. But I will probably never understand the mind set of “we just did silverstone in the wet and 4 cars rolled, hey let’s do it again…cos it went so well last time”.

Also in forza the wet is not a leveller like it is in real racing. If you have the skills to drive fast and smooth you will be quick in forza…if you can barely hold the car on the track (which judging by the oversteer threads is a wide spread issue) then the wet is really going to do a number on you. Not only is there reduced grip but if you are struggling to stay on the road you’ll probably end up going off line into puddles.

This is why every wet race is a disaster…yet people still vote for carnage…

Novel yes, unpredictable no (I managed to gain 21 places in one lap simply because I knew that all the puddles would be exactly the same as the previous race on the same track). Anyone can win? So some one who is beyond help, 10 second a lap slower than a top 1% with no race craft can overcome all of that just because it’s wet? No the people who win dry races win wet races…unless the get punted off…which applies to dry races as well.

This is probably the answer…sigh just play the game people the cheevos will come!

I’m just saying that the odds of any driver making mistakes, or getting caught up in the mistakes of others, is higher in wet weather.

Rain in the game is pretty fun. Rain in real life just means everything in your car and all your gear is soaked.

Because they think they know how, and also think everyone else doesn’t.

Some like it wet, I guess.

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Same reason people voted for the tories, they don’t know its going to be a disaster.

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everybody wants to play with the new toy. its that simple. wait for the novelty to wear off.

It’s a new feature to the series, so after five games of dry conditions, I suppose people are wanting a bit of a change

Rain is not so bad, the puddles though are a complete joke…!!
If my real life car behaved like this game does i would be crashing everytime i went out in the rain…!!
Also races with 23 randoms is never going to be productive, I lost count of how many times i have been rammed into the wall on the first corner.
People just dont seem to understand you cant win a race at the first corner…!!!
Rant over… :slight_smile:
Overall enjoying the game though… lol

Now all you need is to switch from arcade view to professional in-cockpit view and you’re on your way. What I don’t understand and is very puzzling to me is, why would anyone want to drive a car two three or four feet off the rear bumper of a car!!! PERLEASE!

It’s a replay…you can’t see the full carnage from dash view. Offline I play dash/hood cam depending on if the FOV is borked on that particular car. Online I play 3rd person in a melee and 1st when I’m running on my own or in a small group. Dash view at the start of an online race is asking for trouble.

However if you’d like me to change my POV on the replay to helicopter cam so you can ask me how I unlocked the super secret death from above view I’ll do so.