Why do cars come off throttle on rolling restarts when using a shifter?

When I have my TH8A plugged in, no matter if I’m in the correct starting gear or not, when the count hits 0 my car acts as if I came off throttle, shifted and got back on throttle. Unplug the shifter and I’m on throttle immediately when the green flag drops. This usually costs me 1-2 positions every time, more so if on unbeatable.

You’re not referring to the “throttle hiccups” that happen right before a ‘rolling start race’ is about to start, are you? I.e. your car’s RPM will judder 3-4 times during the countdown as if the engine is about to seize or something… this was the case in FM6 too and I brought it to their attention then as well.

Hopefully, it gets resolved in a future patch.

No but I know the problem you are talking about as well. If I remember that issue was really amplified in Nascar races. The problem I describe goes away when using buttons(paddles) to shift and appears only when using an actual shifter. I guess I could explain it better. So lets say you are doing a rolling start at Daytona and the game has the car rolling in 2nd but you actually have 3rd gear selected on your shifter. When the race officially starts the game will immediately come off throttle, put the car in 3rd and then get back on throttle(there’s an even bigger delay if you have the clutch option enabled). That issue is understandable since you are technically changing gear. The problem comes in when you actually have 2nd gear selected and the game goes through the motions as if you weren’t in the correct starting gear. Like I said, unplug the shifter and this problem disappears.