Why DLSS looks so horrible in this game?

When comparing DLAA to TAA, I’ve found it’s often just a tradeoff between clarity or artifacts with neither coming out particularly far ahead of the other. Remember, DLAA has a performance hit, so when TAA uses a resolution scale to drop to the same fps, it’s quality is much more comparable.

I don’t think I could ever have said the same about any other game I’ve played with DLAA, and it’s certainly not because motorsports TAA is better than average.

I never had problems with TAA, probably because i play in 2160p. But i know it looks bad at lower resolutions.

I remember playing RDR2 for the first time years ago in 1080p it looked so blurry and muddy i could barely see anything it was exhausting for the eyes. Years later when i had a new GPU i played the game in 2160p and the blurryness was gone.

Why isnt there upscaling to 8k?

There is, if you set your render resolution to 200% while playing on a 2160p monitor/TV that is 8K. Well or you buy a very very expensive 8K TV.

If you set it to 150% it’s 6K.

But on a 4k tv it doesn’t improve quality? Unlike scaling to 4k a a 1080 p one?

I simply don’t see the point, it’s very hardware hungry i like 4K the way it is. And i think it doesn’t look much better, i already tried that out in GTA V i upscaled it to 8K i could play it with 55-60 ish FPS, but the pixels didn’t look sharper no it looked blurry. But aliasing effects were completely gone. It has something to do with pixel counts i am no expert about such things.

I can’t find an article about it atm, i am too lazy to look for one.

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Can someone explain what DLSS is and how it impacts Xbox, if at all? I think the car shadows on the track and track textures when reflecting light can both look blurry - is that DLSS related? Also the LOD is not very impressive, I can see where the blur starts around the white track limits/boundaries and even when the camera is panning across the starting grid before a race, I can see the shadow LOD around the track edges if the cars are shielded from the sun by, say, a large grand stand or building. Make sense?

I remember playing NFS Porsche Unleashed a long time ago and the LOD blur a few feet in front of the car really bothered me! Same thing here.

Consoles can’t do DLSS but they can do FSR2 and possibly FSR3 in the future. But i don’t know if Forza Motorsport uses it or not. I don’t know that much about the console version, simply because i don’t really care about it because i don’t play it.

Here some searches and websites, if you look for it you find all you want to know.


Yes… and it was Nvidia’s fault… When they updated the geforce experience and driver they moved ‘whisper mode’ all the way down to the bottom (kind of how TV manufacturers sell their TV’s with all the power saving settings enabled to make it seem more ‘green’) anyways turned that off and now it’s back to a solid 80-120fps maxed out at native 4k.

Not only does it look bad, but it doesn’t seem to even work.

I gain NO performance from enabling DLSS Ultra Performance.

You can’t gain any if you are CPU bottlenecked.

In this video i played with DLSS Ultra Performance and i still couldn’t hold 120 FPS permanently. I played it in 2160p and DLSS Ultra Performance basicly lowers the render resolution to 720p.

In 2160p it’s like that.

Quality: 2560x1440p
Balance: 2227x1253p
Performance: 1920x1080p
Ultra Perf: 1280x720p

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CPU never goes over 40%, think I’m good.

That doesn’t mean anything, look at the video i posted.

You literally assumed I was CPU bottlenecked. I am not. The game just runs like trash.

I am CPU bottlenecked because the game REALLY RUNS LIKE TRASH.

It will be the same for you.

If DLSS Ultra Performance doesn’t give you very high FPS then THE GAME is CPU bottlenecked.

Mmm negative. The game is poorly optimized.

I assume you’re looking at total CPU usage? You need to see if a single thread is getting maxed out.

It’s quite likely you’re CPU bottlenecked if turning down graphics settings isn’t improving performance.

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Got an i7 12700k so that’s not the issue.

That is exactly what i said, the game runs like trash.

We PC players probably need a CPU with permanent 5.7 or 6+ GHZ single core performance to BRUTE FORCE it.

My R9 5950x only does 4,425 GHZ permanently on all cores or something. I need decent mulithreaded optimization to have a good performance. But this game simply doesn’t have it.

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You could have the best multicore cpu in the world, but if something is poorly optimized for a single thread, it’s irrelevant.

If even a single core is at 100%, that could be a bottleneck. There’s no guarantee that you necessarily are, but none of the information you’ve provided would suggest otherwise.