Why can't we change the paint of a car without using a design slot

So this has been bothering me since Forza 5 and in past Forza’s before it we didn’t have to use up a design slot in order to simply change the color of a car we owned, now it would seem that everything needs to be a design in order to change something as simple as rim color on a car we own, why is that when we could do it in Forza 4 and it didn’t use a design slot? Is there anyone who could explain this?


It’s now saved in the cloud. That way, everyones designs are ready to be distributed from the server instead of having each user endpoint reupload to the server each race. Back in F3 and F4 user liveries caused a good chunk of client to server complications which caused entire lobbies to hang or be booted back to prerace due to data miscommunication.

Huh, I always wondered why this happened so often in FM4. I always assumed it was due to players leaving during the load screen.

ah ok, I never personally bumped into an issue like that but yea I can see why they switched to the new format, in that case I wish the cap was raised alot higher