Why can't I auction off the new MR2 or last season's Celica GT?

I see an error message similar to the message I get for the PO cars. Is there a ban on the Toyotas or what?

Yeh you can’t put them up straight away
Maybe a day or so

Temporary ban on auctions for new cars until the series after the one they debut in

Has this been an official change and been announced? As last week I saw at least 1 of the new Toyota’s listed on the AH.

Usually a new car gets unlocked one day after its debut. But I think PG locks and unlocks each car manually, so that’s why it can be inconsistent at times.

Just wait 4 - 5 hours and you should be able to auction it.

In the past new cars have been sellable straight away. Remember in the past before the Auction House search update (when it use to reset the search each time) I managed to bag 2x Mclaren 720S Spider’s within 2 hours of the season changing.