Why can't FORZA drive?

So I have come to the end of a race and I cross the finish line feeling proud that, for once my car has not suffered a single scratch. There is not a blemish on my immaculate paint work - and then the computer takes over and heads straight for the nearest wall!

The computers control of my car is so irratic that, like this morning I crossed the line just before lapping someone and suddenly I have no control as my car ploughs into the poor, unsuspecting driver with a lap still to do. He may also hit me in the next race because he thinks I rammed him.

Why did FORXA think it would be a good idea for our cars to be driven by Mr Magoo once the race has finished?


That’s your drivertar taking over after you cross the finish line


  • do not pause the game after the race finishes either because that pauses your drivatar too(if you’re racing online)

If you pause at the right time after a race you can create some funny wrecks with other finished cars. I do this all the time!

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I’ve never understood this either. How is it that the computer can’t keep the car on the track? They drive completely off the track, through sand, into walls. If it is the drivatar he’s not taking commands from any of my driving history. He seems to be just wandering.

Ive actually have had people car me colorful names because of that thinking i ploud into them when i didnt but they dont listen maybe this thread will assure them its not Human error but computer!

Ha seriously. I think that how all the bums learned to wall ride. On the Alps after race the drivatar heads right for the wall and just runs along it unimpeded

The best way to prevent your after race drivertar from crashing into racers that haven’t finished a race it to pause the game before the drivertar brakes for the next corner. The car will go straight through the corner and into the nearest wall, just keep the game paused until the timer runs out, therefore clearing the track for those slower drivers still attempting to finish

Kind of off topic but I liked how it was in FM4. After finishing an online race the replay cameras showed different angles of your car until the timer ran out.

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If your drivatar was based on only your clean laps it might solve a lot of problems. My multiplayer drivatar is always off the racing line cos I cant get of the grass, yet the rammer sails on.

I have to admit to being confused by the DRIVATAR idea.

As far as I remember my drivatar is based on my first ever few laps driven after buying this game and I had little experience and yet after online races I am being told my “drivatar sync” is now 86% whatever my “drivatar sync” is!

Also I get a message every day that my drivatar appeared in two or three races so I have another question. If it is my drivatar that takes over my car after an online race does that mean that somewhere out there I am being represented by a racing driver with no sense of direction or depth perception because, despite my inexperience at the start of this game I wasn’t crashing into walls or doing rallycross


That’s because the end race thing is just AI control, not drivatar. The drivatars aren’t that stupid.

Your drivatar is always learning. The first few laps thingy was just to set up your initial drivatar. The % sync is related to tracks. That means there are a few tracks you haven’t driven enough laps on. I think the minimum is 10. The max sync is 95%.

If my car wrecks someone still racing after I complete a race I just apologize and explain it was the zombie driver and I no longer had control. People online know how the game works.

Thanks RPM Swerve for clearing that up for me!