Why are the no-barrier section of the Hot Wheels DLC on the inside? Should be on the outside...

Seeing as the DLC has a massive emphasis on top speed as opposed to skillful handling, it makes no sense that the no-barrier sections are on the inside of corners.

They should be on the outside to punish the wall-riding people who never brake and win races because they have the extreme power tunes.

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And the complaining continues…


And your point it?

It’s a valid complaint. The community has been asking for more skill-intensive tracks since forever, and the Hot Wheels DLC is virtually the opposite.

The expansion is fun, but very one-dimensional.

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Skill intensive tracks? Forza 6 is the answer to that. This is ment to be fun, let your hair down, hooning about.

I go between both games all the time. You wont ever get serious racing out of forza horizon ever, it was never designed to be that. Please enjoy the expansion for what it is. Its hotwheels for godsakes, who doesnt love hotwheels.


Yeah it feels like the tracks were made for people who have all assistants turned on since with realistic driving mode, ABS off, TCS off etc you can’t really play the tracks without crashing into walls too much

honestly, with no outside guard rails all I see is a nice easy place for rammers to ram people off the track


I wouldn’t’ve thought of this, but good point.

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Good racers cut, bad racers go wide. I’ll let you guess which group is in the majority.

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Maybe this is Turn 10’s way of saying we shouldn’t cut corners :wink:


LOL, if the emphasis is on speed and not handling it makes perfect sense that the barriers are on the outside to allow wall riding.

If the barriers were absent on the outside then the empasis would be on a good line and skill.

Besides this is not for good drivers to race on seriously, its a Hotwheels track, your supposed to follow the track edge…thats how they work.

Missed the point.

Because power and speed trumps everything else in this DLC, they should have taken away some of the barriers from the outside to reduce the ridiculous advantage ‘speed’ cars have over ‘balanced’ or ‘handling’ based one.

It response to your last sentance- that’s a bad point. 80% of the races in the base game you’re supposed to follow the track(barrier) edge. The Hot Wheels DLC is just a tighter version of this.

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There are a few events in HW that have some sections of track with twists and turns and no walls on either side of the track. I didn’t see that a lot … but there are some sections like that.

if there is no wall that means you can drive onto the island.

No guard rail?

You mean rammer bait?

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I mean, just try not to fall off I guess

Learn to cut corners better and adjust your apex so it fits with each corner. No, this isn’t a skillful handling-focused DLC, but I think of it as just another skill for me to practice and eventually master.

Also, “who doesn’t love Hot Wheels”. I have to admit, I’m having more fun than I thought I would. Especially with adjusting each of my grip tunes specifically for this new Hot Wheels Goliath, which is also the main thing keeping me interested in the expansion itself.