Why are the headlights on all the time?!? Cant break the headlights/tail lights in crash?

Not talking about the flip ups, though I suspect that if you could lift them up they’d also be on.
I mean literally every car has it’s headlights on all the time.
A car with DRL’s I can understand, but things like the old muscle cars, ect.
They turn on and off in Horizon, why don’t they on this game?

Not asking to be able to control them, just want the lights off during the day.

The other problem is why don’t the lights break?
Sim damage or otherwise.

I ran any a car into a wall (non tire) at 60+ just to have the glass break but the light be fine.
Same goes for the tails.

You would think that with such a polished game, huge things like this wouldn’t have been missed.

I’ve broken lights out several times last one was at night on the ring. Are you on simulation?