Why are rolling starts broken now instead of when the feature launched?

Unless i’m doing a solo run with a rolling start set up, every track and car class combination i’ve tried with rolling start is not working correctly at all. Which makes absolutely no sense because it worked just fine when they originally released the feature, with the exception of starting in 24th at Road Atlanta (computer drove you straight into the tire bundle before giving you full control of the car). But it just doesn’t work and in some cases the entire field except for like the first 6 cars are at a dead stop bumper to bumper when the clock hits 0.


Agree… needs more spacing so when the people with more power have space to get around not slam eachother. Space it out so first turn is not a crowd turning together, a little bump and boom half of the cars all over the turn.

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I’m having the same problem. The top six gets away fine, the rest of the field just stops.

Here I am, last place on the grid and everybody just stops, top 6 getting away in the distance.

Some of the cars are even backing up (the BMW).

Top six getting away.

The rest just stop and sit there, starting 5 or 6 seconds later.

Rolling starts used to work fine, but got messed up in the last update. Hope this gets fixed asap.

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