Why am I still banned?

Hi, Last Thursday I signed in to play Forza 6 and came to have a in game message saying I had the 167 hour ban which is the one week ban. Well it’s now getting close to 24 hours since the ban was supposed to be lifted and it’s still there. I’ve tried hard resetting and it hasn’t done squat. Please help it is very frustrating that I can’t play my favorite game on Xbox

i got banned today with out a time limit for false reports on my gamertag

No false reports are ever issued a ban.

However, a preponderance of evidence involving you and two of your Friends who deliberately destroyed cars and even each other in online races is a violation of the Xbox Live Code of Conduct for unsportsmanlike behavior. Such activities, either in a singular effort or in this “teamwork” by the three of you is not being tolerated in Forza Motorsport 6.

Your first-time, seven-day (168-hour) ban has been affirmed by Turn 10 employees and will stand. You may send an email to them at forzafb@microsoft.com, however, because of the email volume your ban will probably expire before you would receive a response. A second ban for such behavior would be 30 days (720 hours).

Neither bans nor the enforcement of the regulations by Turn 10 are discussed on these forums.


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Something was amiss (you and another had the same things happening), but you should be expired on the ban now, and able to play online again.

Be good out there!

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