Why am I blocked on my storefront?

I had made license plate decals and car designs that doesn’t have inapropriate sayings. the license plate decals does not have anybodies personal plate from real life. My decals were blocked on my storefront and ive read all the rules and terms. All my plate decals were made from the vinyl group creator on the game. nothing was copied from a picture nor modded into the game. can i please have help and have this and have it fixed to where i can put my vinyl groups back onto my storefront?

Correct, but suspected violations of the Xbox Live Code of Conduct for implied profanity. Until the developer’s employees make a determination (and probably issue a ban), they will remain Under Review

Neither the enforcement of the regulations or possible bans are discussed on these forums. You may write them at forzafb@microsoft.com. I would suspect you’ll receive an in-game message regarding a ban instead of an answer, however.