Who's on a wheel?

Tune It Yourself App
I can only recommend it for tuning and it reads your telemetry data live and gives you tips on what you should adjust, there is also a free version of it. and that via UDP CONNECTION

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Sim Dashboard if you use your phone as a dash, amazing customisation that’s way more user friendly than the SimHub dashboard system.

I run both, UDP to SimHub on a PC for bass shakers, and forward data on to the phone for Sim Dashboard, works a treat.

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I absolutely love your setup - in particular the simhub dash (or w/e you use) above the old fashioned fire - is so very cool. Also your dedication to Atmos is admirable!

man looking at your setup makes me a little jealous - if I had that atmos arrangement I would be most excited to play Monster Hunter (yes I know it’s a weird game to bring up on a motorsport forum but hear me out): The positional audio while fighting monsters is incredible - add that to the incredible orchestral sound-track and your setup has me salivating.

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I’m on a Fanatec DD+ and love it, the road feel / detail you get with it is pretty amazing tbh! It’s so much more engaging and most importantly, FUN!

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A direct drive is definitely in my future.

Everything I’ve read says it’s night and day compared to my Logitech.

Seems like occasionally the Logitech just gives us and can’t figure out what kind of feedback to do.

Well don’t buy Fanatec, company went bankrupt


Idk how these producers and manufacturers expect us to pay oodles of dollars for this equipment… even retail for my g923 was on the high side. Dad said I was crazy but heh maybe I am

I used to have a G920 and it was a good wheel, now it’s 6 years I’m using a Thrustmaster ts-xw and I’ll prolly buy a DD soon, but not a fanatec for sure…

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Got any info? It turns out they have been bought by Corsair. Doesn’t mean a lot for end users, at least not yet, software and hardware is still being developed.

Corsair is acquiring Fanatec bcs of Bankrupt

Instead of getting lean and mean because of mounting competition Fanatec got fat and greedy, Corsair will put an end to that. I am hoping the order turn around times are fixed first. I’m sure all the huge salaries are gone too. Since I don’t care about having the latest greatest, I’m still using and loving my CSW 2.5, maybe rim prices will drop a bit too.

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