Who's best: Europe, North America or S America?

I’ve played this game for the better part of 3 months now and met/spoke with many amazing players from all over (ERS, JSR, FV, RBM, ONR, BAM, TPR, WRA, to name a few). Raced in many lobbies, tried many Rivals, and managed a few damn good team events (JSR Devon has a video of the latest, amazing USA/Europe fight)

One question remains not only unanswered, but greatly contested; what continent (or country, or crew even) has the best racers on Forza 6? Intrigued to hear what people think and why.

Many of the fastest guys origin is not known, so it will be mere speculation if this is to be answered. Only way to find out is to put it to a test. It might even be none of the above.

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IMO, APAC and West Coast, based on times i play. When Europe and East Coast come on line, the sense of entitlement goes through the roof, so does the wrecking and insult level.

Has there ever been an East Coast / West Coast battle? Most gaming communities have had more notoriety around them types of rivalries than internationally, I’d be shocked to hear Forza’s never had it.

Pure speculation, morons are everywhere…

Judging by the leaderboards I’d have to go with Europe. NA and SA have some really fast guys but there seems to be bigger quantities of them in Europe. Probably why the vast majority of private leagues I’ve seen are based in Euro timezones. Don’t know enough about the South Africa / Asia regions to comment on them.

To be honest this question is impossible to answer this is why for starters different teams are fast and slow at different types of car tracks and car class tuned cars and spec racing.there is no 1 fastest guy or team in this game for thsee reasons above.Also you then have to take into account what assists they use like braking normal steering g traction control or no assists at all the teams you have named above all use assists ether normal steering the braking line or traction control or some combination of the 3.Now if you consider a team using assists good then we’ll you have a different mind set to me however the best player in this game to use real full no assists is me and anybody who knows me will tell you yes I have a big mouth but can back it up.When we talk about team like you have discussed above the teams that use a assists there are a small few that can beat me when they have the assists on.So basically putting it straight all these top teams have strengths and weakness if you look across the every class and track it’s a mix of players all over the world I don’t think in all honestly there is no accurate answer to be honest.

Easy answer for me; Europeans. I have seen baddies from all sorts of regions and countries. But I would have to say the Europeans are the best overall (and by quite a margin). The people from the UK in particular are normally the fastest and cleanest people to race against, people from both North and South America are generally the worst.


From my experience Europe

Name drop alert…lol

DTM lionel
Bam asix, Picasso and friends
Irt blitz, now adzhaz
Frs(Spanish lads, all really fast) but evama seems to have retired. He was a beast
Daveyskill set the benchmark. Think he’s retired also.

Yet theirs fast individuals everywhere but those guys always stood out to me and they all European.

I reckon Europe, based on the fact on every single LB I’ve looked at, 75% of the people in front of me on the World LB are also on the Europe LB, so if I’m 50th in Europe I’ll be in the 60s on the World board, and AFAIK the game doesn’t sell three times as many copies in Europe than in the rest of the world combined.

I’m from the UK myself, so I can’t deny that there is a strong group of players here and on the European continent. Only thing for me is that judging the best racers strictly by leaderboards is a little… tunnel visioned, perhaps?

The best people I have seen battle it out so far are ERS Hornet, JSR Rossi and FV ExposedKarma. Them 3 battled for 10 laps straight around Spa whilst doing Top 10 laptimes at the last Forza Wars event (will be putting up a new thread about August’s event later funny enough). I suppose the big question I’m looking up at the stars to ponder over is where are the best complete Forza players — hot lappers, lobby toppers, team players, so forth.

And then there’s the whole tuning argument… I’ll spare starting that today!

Well I’d imagine all the top players will be entering the Ford Championship, so grab all qualified names from there and check their regions and base it on a percentage from there.

A simple way to break down RS IWINNUMBER1’s points would be to look at the Hardcore LB, generally the fastest people use no assists, and also when someone is fast, I find they are fast no matter what car or track you put them in. Again take the Ford Championship, a lot of familiar top players were in the week 1 tournament, and the Mustang is quite a random car that I reckon most people would never or have never used, yet we still see the same names coming up with the goods.

Also going back to assists, assists slows the car down, there’s been tons of topics on here of people asking how to get faster and everyone will respond with ‘take ABS off, that’ll save you loads of time braking later, , take traction off, that bogs down the car, use clutch instead of just manual as the shift times are much quicker’ (which is certainly true to any car that’s not a race car, so basically any road car S class or under).

Going only on what is evident in the leagues (for what it’s worth) it would appear that Europe has the best drivers.

The top 200 drivers every week in every division I’ve been in (enthusiast pro n currently elite) the majority is taken up by guys from Europe.

If I am say 125th in the world I am between 70th and 80th in Europe. It is always the case that no matter where I am in the world at lest 2/3 of the people ahead of me are also European.

Like I said that’s just going on the leagues, which might not be the best place to judge.