Who loves the Rain but hates the Puddles?

Ok, T10 did a fantasic job inplemeting rain and the efects on the track. ***** 5 GOLD STARS ***** for this Addition

However, the puddles are over-the-top and the aquaplaning / hydroplaning is also over done. I mean come on any one in T10 ever watch a F1 race in the rain… mostly the tracks don’t have standing water, sure at points in the track its has water running across it, which can and will cause issues… but standing water like at Brands Hatch and Sebring is way over the top.

Now, if T10 would simply reduce the depth and size of the standing water on most tracks, the effects of wet weather racing and the cockpit view are best I’ve seen. Hope they somehow consider just reducing the water/standing water/ puddle sizes on the tracks.

What do you guys think? I’m not bashing T10 just think they went over the top on standing water.



Yesterday’s thread ended with solid support for puddles. I sense deja vu coming on…

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I like the puddles because they present some danger. You have to avoid them to be fast, and they are risky to use for passing.

I kind of like them… though i do wish there was maybe a light rain variant with fewer puddles? Truly what i really want is snow :smiley:


Same here as I live in seattle … All wheel drive :sunglasses: everyone drives Audi and Subaru here

There’s no race series in real life where the race continues without a safetycar in these conditions.

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It’s easy to predict how they are going to behave so you can amend your driving accordingly. They’re so predictable they are reliable.

Most modern tracks are built with a drainage system and get a lot less standing water.tracks like Silverstone/Spa and Hockenheim that see a lot of rain have a good Drainage system.
Remember a few years back in the Canadian grand prix think it was 2011 that was one of the wettest racers I have ever seen and I think David Coulthard said the track had a poor drainage system and had not been improved.

I know it’s a typo but I sure laughed hard.

“that was one of the wettest racers I have ever seen”

I enjoyed the race but not that much.

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Ha ha! Wet DC! Too funny.

See the other thread about puddles for an exhaustive discussion thereon. I think if they went to all that effort with laser scanning and visiting the tracks when they were wet to take photographs it would be pretty stupid to then go and make puddles arbitrarily bigger for “big lolz”.

Puddles give more challenge, BTCC runs in downpours until there’s an accident usually. Plenty of those tracks have standing water.
So puddles = thumbs up.

I’ll just add my .02 here.

Love the puddles and idea of them. I just think the effect could be a bit more realistic. Games plenty fun to play.

you know you play too much Forza 6 when you are driving to work in the morning in a heavy rain and you be avoiding puddles like a mofo…LOL

I think the puddles are a bit of a gimmick honestly. Most races would be cancelled if there where that much standing water on the track. But to each his own, rather have rain with puddles than no rain at all.

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dont think there that bad can keep it pinned though most puddles now just learning to control the car in them they are abit over the top and they could of had some light rain options but it is what it is

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