Who is waiting in australia for demo release

so close but so far. waiting waiting lol

So true. I’m in New Zealand, so it’s funny how the release dates for digital games and content is not true, its actually almost the 2nd over here. lol. I remember when I got GTA V on the release date (almost a full day ahead of USA), but digital is different.

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i think every one is waiting it says to watch there twitch account any one no wich one ?

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no idea myself wish i knew

I guess when it’s the 1st in the U.S. then it’ll become available.

already is. almost 5am in new york

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It’s 10 am in the uk

Jeez… Sometime today please!

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Patiently waiting haha

Yeah hopefully sometime soon

7am EST still nothing. Im going back to bed…

yep waiting here too, lucky enough to not be working tomorrow :slight_smile:

I have to go to school :frowning: