Who is responsible in here?

People’s lives matter.
Consumption of substances without medical supervision isn’t good.

A guy called windsweptdragon messaged me that he doesn’t care. He said he wants to delete my replies where I asked for love and peace.

I don’t know who you are, Dragon, but I care about educating children in a game intended for children.

So please Forza help us spread the positive message, not delete it!

Or, strip anyone who wants to use his moderator power for personal reasons.

(And in case you wonder what this is about, it’s about the “Gangsta Rap” in the official trailer thread).

Thats just blatantly untrue, i edited your posts and told you in those your subject matter was not appropriate for this forum. At no point have I ever messaged you. The subjects you are referring to remain unsuitable for this forum. If you wish to report something of a ‘mature’ nature then please feel free to use the support button and submit a ticket regarding your concerns. Thanks


So your whole thing, which you refused to actually say and wanted people to watch an unwatchable video about, was because there was rap in the trailer? Seriously?

If you are unable to make a rational argument, don’t expect anyone to listen to you.

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Forza users asked me to tell my argument here.

But when I wrote it, a guy deleted it.

How can you put me in a situation where I can’t talk and I can’t keep silent?

So ufair!

As I explained above, if your subject is not appropriate for these forums for which to agreed to abide by the rules when you joined then you should supply your concerns privately to the developer by using the support website which can be reached by clicking on the button ‘support’ at the top of this page and submitting a ticket.

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Hi Dragon,

The reporting system choices are only about gameplay bugs. Am I missing to see a category that I have to choose?

No, no, no!

The message I wanted to discuss is 100% about law and order.

Probably you understood the opposite??

Or an assumption from your side??

Windswept is a super nice person i am sure what he mentioned was logicial. The title in game is probably hiding slurs and such due to its rated e for everyone stamp

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just submit a ticket using this link

Thanks for the reply.

I don’t understand, sorry I am not a native English speaker.

Can you explain more?

Sorry i probably should have mentioned it differently its e for everyone rating not stamp


When you submit a ticket you will be given a list of options to look through where you can either select what you consider the best match or select other if you feel none are appropriate

So, you mean the official trailer is for a game that is titled E which is supposed to mean “everyone”. Kids and grown-ups.

This is exactly my point. Sorry if I couldn’t deliver it clearly maybe due to language barriers or moderators deleting my replies.

I wanted to say that the choice of song is deeply, deeply, deeply and utterly offensive.

It explicitly promotes (…). Here I cannot talk, otherwise the mods will delete the reply.

So please search yourself and tell me guys what you think.

As long as it’s a friendly discussion.

I shouldn’t have stepped in you should just follow WindSweptDragons recommendations… I just wanted to say he meant no harm thats all. Through the ticket system you will communicate with official staff.

Ive not clicked on your link nor do i intend to as i dont click on random links supplied by anyone, however I dont need to as you describe the content yourself as ‘deeply, deeply, deeply and utterly offensive.’ and that type of content and its discussion are not welcome on this family friendly website.

You do not draw attention to something offensive by posting about it on a family friendly website and asking everyone to ‘check it out’, that would make you the promoter of said offensive material


So it’s not anything in the trailer that offends you, simply that the song in another form does? Simple solution to that, don’t go listen to that song! You don’t want your kids to hear it? Well step up and be a parent!


Wait surely I’m wrong. Is someone complaining about Metallicas that which I desire which plays in the official trailer??? Bahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahaha

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Please dont poke your fellow forum users folks, people are entitled to choose what offends them and voice those opinions ,whether we agree with them or not, as long as they do it within the rules.

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You’re deliberately twisting facts upside down.

I mean, we’re still friends in the same hobby.

No one should try being Mr. smart, we’re not stupid, we are normal people.

There is no link. What are you talking about?

And do not distort things. People still car read and know the truth.

The video about the trailer isn’t offensive.

The point you are always trying to play like you’re not understanding is that:

I said YOU should keep it family friendly.

It’s not personal. It’s an idea and you should handle it friendly.

So, why keep silencing me?

Let people have the freedom to know what’s going on, then make an informed opinion!