Who has cheese to go with my first ever whine?

Went to play MP. Saw a Truck one on the Top Gear track and thought “that’ll do me”

Race started but I saw no race line, just a of lot of trucks driving around randomly looking for the track. I could only see a red dot I was in 2nd place until the end

Next “race”, was in 4th out of 6th for most of it, had a bump and saw “YOU ARE IT”, instantly thought, this isn’t a race, it’s a FH2/3 style Infection/King style game.

Played to the end trying to cut off the red dot

Next game saw the title of the game was “King of the Pool”

Can someone point me to the post that introduces this new hopper? It would have been nice to have been given notice when the game started what the plan was.

OK, that’s my mini-whine over, back to defending loot boxes and all the other stuff Anti-Forza fans hate :slight_smile: x


Wrong sore of wine. You need trans lube not cheese.

I figured anyone who liked loot boxes would have plenty of cheese. A Master Connoisseur of cheese.


I’ve just had a look, it wasn’t announced in any blog post. Players only found out about it once they saw it in the Hoppers list.

This is a Forza title you’re talking about, detailed community-focused roadmaps are not what we are going to get.

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