Who else here has completed the extra long version of the Nurburgring Endurance race?

Call me crazy, but I absolutely love endurance racing, so when I saw a Nurburgring Enduro, I had to do it, but to some, I may have gone overboard. 24 laps on the full circuit totaling 3 hours and 52 minutes. It would have been nice to receive something a little more personal for completing such a task, but I’m fine with just taking pride in the fact that I didn’t obtain carpal tunnel by the end of the race. Anyone else put themselves through 24 laps of Green-you know what?

There are people (including me) that have done 50 laps before the lapcounter was increased in free play. I haven’t seen any news about people having completed 1000 laps yet, but then again that would take more than 80 hours to complete that.

Here’s 50 laps of the full Nurburgring (Nordschleife + GP)

So far I’ve only made only 2 attempts at that endurance race, both of which resulted in failure as I’ve been having internet issues, which would cause my Xbox to sign me out of my profile and restarting the game each time. Furthest I’ve got was at the halfway point with about 2 hours in on my second attempt, I will complete it one day along with the rest of endurance races on career with extra long race length on.

So…why do you stay online with your Xbox then? I’m planning doing a 12 hour race on Sebring soon and I’ll be sure to switch it off to prevent any mandatory updates.

Jeez Braindead please explain for once in a reply.

@Speed Demon if you are intending to do endurance races set you consol to offline mode game works fine for most offline racing with out any signout problems. All you need to do is go to Settings network Network settings and sellect Go offline and race your heart out fo as long as you like when finished racing just do the same but sellect go online. Cheers.

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I guess it depends on what you’re driving.

10 laps in an airborne and generally wayward historic GP car was about all I could take.

Never bothered with career mode when I saw the payout was practically nothing and I was right. Did an hour and a half endurance race for 150k base creds, on free play it’s about 300-500k creds an hour depending and what you’re doing.

I’ve done it… was so much fun… all the endurance races have been a blast to play… I only have the serbring 250 left and I have finished them… I need to go back and do spa as I didncan have it on extra long and didn’t get the achievement for just doing a long one there

Hi on New Years Day ( 1st January 2018 ) I will Be Doing 1000 Laps and it’s going to take me around 20-30 days any suggestions on the car to use it will all be on my YouTube channel MrFuelTech

Just choose a car you’re comfortable with as it is a long way to the pits if you crash your car at the beginning of a new lap.

That is pretty cool you got it done in Extra Long. That car’s a bit much for me to handle. Did it on Long and felt like I’d really accomplished something.