Which track is your favourite?

Pretty simple thread really. Which track do you like the most? Maybe you think it looks the best, or you seem to do really well on it.

My favourite so far would have to be Brands Hatch. I had not heard of this track before it was announced in Forza 6 and I must say it is a pleasant surprise.

On the otherhand, I dislike Sebring, I am awful on it!

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I’m going with Watkins Glenn. What a great addition to the list, soo glad they added it.

Second would have to be the classic Laguna Seca.

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Spot on, just my choice :+1:t2:
But all the tracks are beautiful and i like the tirewalls to prevent cornercutting

Mine’s the good old Ring, I’m just a junkie for it, and Watkins Glenn as it’s just so smooth and Bernese Alps. I just love the atmosphere in the alps. You can really feel the dry cold and the crystal clear mountain air there. I love mountains, so since we’re not having Mt. Fuji back, I’m happily settling with the alps. Lovely track layout, also.

I literally can’t choose, I hot lapped on Watkins Glan in a turbo S2000 and had so much fun I ran out of gas. Then I drove Brands hatch and it was fantastic… that turn 1 tho! Then I drove Monza haha so many great tracks! Of course Lime Rock is great as well, braking into turn 1 is scary every time and the uphill right hander?! So much win!

The Glenn. Love the flow that track has.

Laguna Seca has always been my favourite.

Since Gran Turismo 3: A Spec.

I love the way it undulates and changes with elevation, then culminates in the corkscrew and downhill sweeper. After 15 years of driving it in games and probably thousands of laps, it never gets old.

Runners up would be the Nurburgring GP Track, or Bathurst.

Laguna Seca as well. Loved it since the first time I raced on it in the Gran Turismo series.

Le Mans, the Mulsanne straight is where I spent so much time testing stock car max speeds out in Fm4, lovely track

Mine is Hockenheim and the Nürburgring, but all the other tracks are great too.

i love watkins glen and most of the new real world tracks but man this years version of laguna seca is amazing with the sand blowing on to the track is amazing such a good surface feel plus all the enviromental effects well done t10 allthough i miss fujimi kaido so badly im really happy with the tracks and all the new drift sections i love no lifeing this game please ad a mountain road or fujimi kaido back to the series it would make this game the greatest Forza yet!

Rio, Rio, Rio!

It’s such a beautiful and scenic track, and reminds me a little of Fuji Kaido with some more urban areas.

Second to this, Watkins Glen/Wet. Looooove that.

Laguna Secs with Spa a close second :slight_smile:

Nordschleife for me. Closely followed by Laguna Seca.

Great Topic !! A great car game with stunningly detailed vehicles is nothing without gorgeous scenery.

A good race to me is the track. I like technical tracks a lot. Does any one remember that crazy track in the First Forza Motorsport on the Original Xbox???

My favorites are
Lime Rock with the uphill right hander. That elevation change, WOAH!
COTA ( Circuit of the Americas ) I wish I could have attended MotoGP this year there. Oh well, different topic.
Yas Marina
Circuit de Spa FrancorChamps.

Turn10 made them soo beautiful.

I really like Circuit of the Americas. Awesome new track, glad it was added.

As in real life … the Green Hell (Nordschleife) and Spa

My favorite has to be Road America, it’s the best track I’ve driven on in any game I’ve ever played… Just a perfect track.

I love COTA and Watkins Glen too and Monza in a Ferrari just feels special.

its always been road America, although lately I seem to be leaning to Atlanta. but, for now ill stick with America

I haven’t raced on half of them yet, so I can’t offer a definite opinion, but watching the dust blow across the track at Laguna Seca was very cool. Rio is very scenic, not sure how I feel about the actual driving on it yet.

On the subject of tracks, I was driving on the Indy GP track for the first time, and got the part where you rejoin the oval. Being a fairly routine part of the track, I glanced for a second or two at the display showing how far I was behind the leaders. Imagine my shock when I refocused on the road. Carnage followed very shortly thereafter. :slight_smile: