Where'd my CR go? Money glitch

I’ve had this happens few times now and wasn’t sure I was seeing things correctly. Now that it’s happened a few times I’m fairly certain this shouldn’t be going on.

I had 219 thousand and some odd credits before I started a race. I did not buy a car, I did not buy any mods or booster packs, I did not buy any car parts; I spent no credits.

I finished the race I win first place I go through all the menus and get my reward, and I only have a 199,000 credits.

Where did the 20k CR go? How can I win, get rewarded credits and still have 20k less than when I started???

Has this happened to anyone else?

Dan always got excited about adding “tyre flex” and “realistic puddles” etc… Not sure why he didn’t mention “running costs” lol.

To be honest I’d never noticed but thanks, I’ll keep an eye on it.

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I’ve had this happen 3 times now and am definitely keeping an eye on it.

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I believe this happened to me last night for a very similar amount. I thought maybe I’d just looked at it wrong but after seeing your post I think not.

This is happening to me as well. I hope it gets fixed before the special offer cars change. I can’t hang onto cr long enough to buy them.

Same here, at one time i had 500k+ then i went to play again only 150 showed up.

Had this as well. Just over 400k in credits, completed a race, awarded 96k ish and went to take the Lambo reward which was reduced to 150k and it said I did not have enough funds. I looked at my wallet and I had 116k only.

Quite annoying as the cars are so much more expensive in this Forza to previous versions. Maybe it’s part of the grand plan to tempt us to buy the currency for crates to win the cars randomly :stuck_out_tongue:

could it be you buying cars when you level up? (the middle reward option)


this exactly, the middle reward ISN’T just a free car, it is a discount on certain purchase.
Sometimes that car will be free, but i most cases you’ll still have to fork up a small amount of creds!

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really? Um no, in my case most of the time i take the money. The few cars Ive bought, i knew how much was needed/left. the money is disappearing.

Dang! I think that is what is happening in my case. I thought those cars were a prize. Thanks for the help folks.

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After races I get no credits