Where to find infos on cars needed for next season challenges?

This is my first message here.
I have already tried to search but with no luck.

I’m a quite new player and I’m liking a lot to tune my cars: someday I spent a whole day tuning most cars of my Garage doing tests, races and all the stuff needed to have good tunes for also sharing them so would be nice to tune the cars needed for the next season challenges with some time in advance and I know a lot of people doing this.

I see here in the forum that some one of the mods or admins post a list of the next season challenges including the description of which cars well be needed for the challenges (Super Saloons A800 for the Trial, or Retro Rally C600 for another challenge and so on…) This normally happens one or two days before the new season starts. But this time I wasn’t able to find the post about SPRING starting tomorrow.

So please some one could explain me a way (an official link/page ? A discord streaming? a Facebook/twitter post?) where I can be sure to found those informations every new week/season with some time in advance? There is a “planned” schedule form the devs whene they release those informations, or is just “some time before season starts…” and, anyway, where they release OFFICIALLY those infos? On the website? On socials? On a forum post here?

And, finally, what about the next Spring starting tomorrow? Are the infos already been released and I dont know where to find them or this time they are a bit late?

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks a lot!

The specific details for seasonal Festival Playlist events only become visible when the events go live at the season changeover; the developers don’t provide that information in advance of the season beyond what you can see in game. Each week I have the game open at the season changeover time and then I try to quickly summarize the details for the forum before I head off to work.

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Thanks for the reply, but I’m quite sure that I saw lot of times those details showed in advance (one day maybe) somewhere, maybe on some youtube videos or some forums. At this point I really dont know how they can have them. I will investigate further and I will try to remeber where I found the infos last times and I will report that here.

For Spring season in the current Series 28, I’ll post the thread with event details within a few minutes of the season change about 27 hours from now.

The official livestream for upcoming Series 29 seasons showed reward cars for each event, the details for which cars will eligible for those events will only become visible on the day of the season change.

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Hello, and welcome.

If you go the festival playlist screen, across the top there is a tab for each of the seasons within a series - Summer, autumn etc…

Clicking on each tab will show you what is coming up.

For future series, you will have to wait until it updates every four weeks.

There are ways of obtaining this info beforehand but they aren’t legitimate, so anyone who does so would be risking a ban. It’s therefore quite plausible that you have seen the info elsewhere earlier but Max’s weekly update will be pretty much as early as it’s possible to update without doing something dodgy.

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