Where is my Longbeach?

So I haven’t been on for quite a while, and return to hear news that LB has arrived on Forza. When I went to check, there is absolutely nothing. It said it came with the update but I can’t find anything anywhere. Suggestions?

its an auto download. so you should have it.
just do a hard reboot of your xbox and check again.

also where are you looking to find the track?
as not all career events will have LB .

an easy way to check that it is infact available would be to select any class rivals event.

As obvious as it may sound, make sure your console is connected to the internet.

theres been afew times where I’ve had to hard restart and since have set it up where it actually turns off (I mean the kinnect voice activation is nice but I didn’t find myself using it very much) check to make sure before entering the game you are connected to the internet and launch FM5. there should be an update with quite abit of a size on it

For sure I am connected but all I have ever received was a notification about LB when the game loaded.

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