Where is Influence Score displayed? Beginner getting frustrated at unintuitive UI!

Hi, I’ve not played any of the Forza games in the past, but I’m really enjoying this! The graphics are so beautiful and the open world is great. I’ve also never played in a world that’s just the UK before, it’s reassuringly familiar.

However. I feel like I’m going crazy.

I’ve been told to “get used to my car” and go driving, which I am. (Whether I’m actually doing what Keira, the Event manager wants is a separate story). I’m told on the World Map that I need to earn 23,900 influence to unlock Autumn. I’ve also found out from online that the points I’m earning by drifting and destroying walls and landscape is in fact “Influence Points” - ok. But where is my total displayed?! How close am I to 23,900?!

I’ve checked all the menus that are unlocked to me but I can’t find it anywhere and I feel like I’m going insane!!

If anyone could give me a hand to understand this element of the game I’d appreciate it. I assume Influence is basically XP and therefore pretty integral to the game to know how much I have!!

Menu → Horizon Life Tab → Stats → 2nd Tab → 1st block top left corner

Just a side note: i still don’t know why the Influence Bar that pops up at the rewards screen, has to remain a mystery, as to how much Influence was “earned” & how much “to next level” numbers not being displayed or a Setting to toggle the option…

nope. These are skill points. That’s the circular meter at the top. It takes 50k for a level up which yields points you can spend to unlock perks of the car at the car tab. There is a perk which converts a certain percentage of these skill points into influence points and perks that add like 10k XP once. Influence points are indeed XP which are earned by completing tasks and finishing race events. These drive your driver level, it takes 30k to advance one level.

You’re in the prologue part of the game right now, so all you have to do is look in the top right corner of the map and it will tell you how many points it’ll take for you to advance to the next season.

Once you’re in Winter, the counter resets and tells you how many points you need to unlock the Showcase event for that season. Once unlocked, the counter will again show you how far you’ll need to advance to the next season (Spring).

Same deal goes down with Spring, only this time when you gather enough influence points to advance out, you’ll be in the actual game where the seasons are server-based.

The UI - particularly the menus - are the one thing I’d say has gotten worse with every iteration of the game. I feel like there’s one person on the team who keeps getting assigned to them and feels put upon or underappreciated and they’re like “You want menus? Fine, I’ll give you menus… Mua-ha-ha!”

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