Where is Chris Esaki?

I agree with this. No matter what they say it’s always going to poorly received, as has been evididenced over the last few months, heck even since FM5 the community has reacted mostly negatively, especially on here.

At this point it should be about actions not words, judge someone on what they do not what they say.

The time for hoping this game would substantially improved to a reasonable standard ended for me months ago, no words will ever change that.


Max has deleted more comments than he ever responds to, hes not the worst community manager, but hes not good.
Hes Turn 10 so we get less than the bare minimum.
The whole company is a mess of cooperate greed and the sooner it goes broke the better


@T10ManteoMax I appreciate you posting.
I’ve run product teams myself and I know how demanding and frustrating it can be trying to please everyone, so kudos to you to putting in the effort here, but, and yes there’s a but…

I appreciate you guys aren’t happy releasing something half baked, but we have never been given a reason why you chose to do this? Even if the rumours were true about having to start again from scratch late in the process, you’d garner some sympathy with transparency. It might also help explain the next point if there’s some sort of technical reason behind why we have temporary content. Geez, I hope it’s a technical reason because it would be very sad otherwise.

You do indicate the team is working hard to fix the game but why do we still have FOMO content? If all the monthly FOMO content had been left in the game we’d have some great inroads to repairing a half baked game.
There are so many posts asking about why we have to receive FOMO content and it’s never once been answered or addressed by T10.

It’s a terrible model that I have yet to see one positive reaction to. It would go a long way with the community, I am sure, if this point was addressed in communication about why, and what T10 plans to do to stop it in the future.

Regarding the examples of industry communication and roadmaps you ask about- please look at Focus and how they have done this with Snowrunner over the years. It’s a great example of communicating updates and while not perfect, has been much appreciated.

Here’s an example: x.com


I suspect the FOMO content is part of their licensing agreement with the car manufacturers.
They can guarantee x amount of engagement over a one month period.

So long as they continue the drip of FOMO their (dwindling) player base will turn up to put 20K players on whatever subsidized partner content they advertise at us. The players of this game are not the customers - we are the product that they sell to their advertising partners. Our engagement metrics each month on the FOMO are how they get sponsors to shell out on this mess.

Somebody should warn these brands that being associated with T10 and Forza is more harm than good to petrolheads opinions.


Fomo was always part of their plan if not the only plan. We’ll likely see at some point these featured themes like endurance and rivals recycled over and over again.

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There are reportedly around 34 million Game Pass subscribers.
That’s a number that probably makes for a good pitch to advertisers/sponsors.

They have plenty of metrics that can be skewed to make the game look positive - combine that with the game awards and favourable critic reviews and I bet they can sell our time left right and centre.

If we don’t want FOMO - it’s very simple. Stop Playing the FOMO content. As soon as they have no engagement on the content they will be forced to stop selling our time like a commodity.

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It’s double-dipping: sell games/subscriptions to gamers, then sell access to those gamers to advertisers.

…kinda like cable TV & some TV streaming services that have monthly subscription fees for viewers and also have ads.

…and we’ve all seen where quality & pricing go in that scenario (like the recently announced price-hike & tiered access coming to Game Pass).


Maybe we should start a thread asking Where is @AnakalaRon :grin:


Don’t forget the car point grind that they only removed because player count was approaching zero.

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The FOMO stuff is gamepass related.
Guaranteed engagement for advertising revenue.

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I wish Big Phil would check on his Teams™ more often. Its “live service” quality like FM23 that is going to get me to cancel.

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Don’t forget that one of the last things Esaki posted publicly was how proud he was of the game and the team that created it

“The important issues”…

Please explain what qualifies as “unimportant”?

For example, if a car sounds wrong, and not that many players vote on it, does it automatically qualify as “unimportant”?

Comments like these really make me angry and give me buyer’s remorse. Perhaps the development team has very different standards around quality compared to the majority of the player base, especially those who have been around since FM2 or earlier.

Does anybody know where Chris E used to be before he was suddenly given charge of FM on the Series X? I mean what qualified him as a Creative Director for a AAA Xbox racing game?

Just check his LinkedIn. Most of the team in charge of FM had absolutely no business being on this project.
One of the Product Manager was literally on the Outlook/Office 365 teamq prior to working Forza.


It’s a bit of a catch 22.

It’s probably not quite as simple for many to just stop playing the fomo content. Most of the complaints are likely complaints because we want the game to succeed. It’s fallen short of expectations (set by FM themselves) and that’s upset a lot of people, rightly so.

If I draw from my own experience again, I work, I have other commitments outside of forza so I can’t play all the time, so the fomo content leaves me feeling like the game doesn’t care about players like me. They want me to feel left out in the hope I’ll help drive up engagement during their fomo timelines- but I just can’t. I’m sure many others can’t as well.

Live service models should not mean we have to play on their terms. At the end of the day, it’s a game, it should be developed in a way for us to enjoy when we want to enjoy it. Like, say, the 7 other generations of FM before it.

Because of lack of core content this just exaggerates the anger and frustration around fomo content.

I compare this to Forza Horizon. I enjoy the game, it’s full of content but I don’t feel like I need to make a bee line for the fomo seasonal stuff just to enjoy the game. With FM, it’s the opposite.
I can only truly enjoy the game and the full amount of its content if I bend to the fomo timelines. Because there is no other content, really.
It’s just not fun at that point. And I think that’s the biggest mistake they’ve made here - they’ve removed the amount of fun players can have unless it’s on T10s terms.

Not cool.
Very sad to see.
And I expected better of a series that honestly, was a big part of why I enjoyed Xbox over the generations.

I want to believe it will get better, but there’s no communication about adding permanent content into the game and that in itself will inevitably force players onto other games and platforms, I’d imagine.

But where else do I go on Xbox? ACC? Horizon? The options are limited but that again compounds the anger and frustration over the state of FM - we all loved what it used to represent and they’ve failed to plug the hole they promised they would.

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He is credited as one of the pioneers of the cover mechanic in shooters, he worked on Gears of War before forza. As far as qualifications, he has the same qualifications Alan Hartman has to be head of Xbox Game Studios, their pay grade. He’ll likely be promoted even though this game failed, just like Bill Giese the creative director for fm7, who similarly all but disappeared after the poor reception to that game.

Chris is a nice guy and i think he should be proud of accomplishments hes had in his career, but this game will never be one of them. Besides the lackluster direction, mismanagement and misleading comments leading up to launch, hes never taken any accountability for the disingenuous statements as well as the overall poor state of the game at any point.

Something that bothered me, was when he was on that live stream and talking about things they were looking at or working on and was basically unsure about what was going to be in the next update. He was very nonchalant about it, like theres just so many meetings and he cant keep up with whats going on.

Hes the lead creative director, if he doesnt know exactly whats going on, then who does. He was ill prepared it seems to be the lead on an entire game and all that entails. Needless to say after seeing this stream, seeing hes still the lead and seeing the slow progress on any and everything i have no faith this game will claw its way out of the hole its in.

Whatever this experiment was, has failed. Ive said it before, this game should have been a slam dunk for this studio. Theres no excuse and maybe thats why they havent even tried to make any other than saying game development is “hard”. Maybe they should get a job doing something easier than reshading decade old assets and shallow fomo content.


Last I heard, he posted he was playing NFS on his beloved Xbone, but it’s equally as likely he’s having another ‘time out’

Forza does still have a long way to become perfect but I get sad because it’s been 10 updates and some graphical issues persists not to mention the features they have removed from FM7. Let’s make a list of missing features and you guys continue if I miss some of them for the moderators see.

Missing features from FM7:

  • Forza vista while on track
  • moving camera while changing body kits/wings/rims
  • moving camera while choosing liveries
  • weather slots to combine multiple of them in single player or multiplayer
  • missing RTGI
  • missing water pudding effects
  • physical Destruction of the car falling mirrors or wings
  • missing drift and drag lobby’s and their features
  • missing a decent career mode
  • missing free test drive multiplayer where anyone can join
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