Where do all the AMG Hammer Coupes come from?

At the moment there’s an unbelievable amount of AMG Hammer Coupes for sale in the auction house. The last offer/entry in the list will end in 20 mins or below which means there must be an insane amount of them. Where do they all come from? Have I missed an event or something else?

From what I know the car was only available once and from what I can see it won’t be available in the next time again. So there’s no real reason why the people should throw them on the market for sometimes way below 10 millions now. I’m really puzzled.

Read the first post … https://forums.forza.net/turn10_postst166046_Summer--Forzathon-Shop--Festival-Playlist-events-and-Rewards-through-March-18.aspx

In short, it’s Super 7 weekly reward.

I got my three from the wheelspin, as almost every single car. Nope lol, the car was never only available once… if that was the case i will have only one.

No you didn’t, just like in the other thread you made claiming you got every single car in the backstage pass from wheelspins. None of those cars, nor the AMG Hammer EVER came from a wheelspin, not once.

Stop giving misinformation.

You could have obtained multiples from the auction house, or in this case from completing the Super 7 weekly challenge.

The Hammer was a seasonal prize a few months back, not Forzathon.


Hammer coupe offered only once before as reward for Forzathon a month or so ago.
This week it’s reward for Super 7 series.
NOT in wheelspins.
Sadly not a great race car, maybe ok for drifts. A-class adequate. Wish it was better.
Next thing, some idiot will try to tell us he got FE Capri and a Monte Carlo in spins.


Thanks for the info(s) gents. I only looked into this Super 7 series once and wasn’t any further interested. :smiley:

Excuse me but I’d like to disagree. I mean it’s in no way a real “race car” but you can surely make something out of it.

That’s S1 942 with a fully pimped 7.2 Racing V8 and AWD. I’m racing it against the 850 CSi and the Jaguar XJS in a specially created 5 laps race (~20mins). All three are fun to drive fully tuned. At least for me.

Apparently someone has considerably better luck than me in the wheelspins. lol. Or better dreams, either way.

I got my first one back in December or so, when it was first issued as part of the Forzathon. But currently it is the reward for the Super 7.

It seems every other week is a car offering through Super 7…so even if it is not your thing, it is worthwhile to check out just in case you could use the car. Most have been pretty decent so far.