Where can I race with upgrades??? Please help.

I have a favorite car that I love using in the class races that it qualifies for but I just want to throw some upgrades in there and see what it can do? Where do I go? I can’t in career mode obviously, I can’t in Free Play it seems (they should change the name to “Restricted Play”). The Rivals mode makes you drive the same car for most of them and you compete for best lap time. Is it in Multiplayer? I swear that is also averaged out as well (Homologated).

Why have the upgrades in at all then??? There are a ton of cars but who cares? I don’t feel attached to any of them. The whole game feels like I am playing the Arcade Mode from Forza Motorsport 2!!! This is whack. Also, friend me on Xbox Live. Cosmicdancer87


Both Free Play and private Multiplayer allow you to set advanced car restrictions to a class (or other specs). Selecting a Division will automatically change the horsepower and PI limits, so you just have to change them in advanced rules.

in short, there is no where for us to go with said cars at the moment. Youre in the same boat as many of us here and all we can do is wait and see if t10 will save this game for us.


Yes you can in free play set the car division to any then go to into car restrictions and you can further adjust what cars you want to race against.

TURN10 ARE YOU LISTENING? The fact there is a post titled: Where can I race with upgrades? Please Help, should be a huge indicator THAT YOU MESSED UP THE GAME ON A FUNDAMENTAL LEVEL!


Free Play->RB->Race Orgonization->Car Group (or something along those lines, Im from Poland),->set it to Free, then you can race whatever you want.
And seriously, guys, bashing that Forza for scamming with VIP, poor graphics, homologations and lack of freedom is fine, but false claims should be avoided in such situations, like fire.

I used an upgraded BMW in free play?

In Freeplay, set Division to Open.

There’s all these upgrade parts that you can buy for your cars. What are they for? Sincere question.


Can you be a little clearer? yes you can get upgrades for your car (their uses should be fairly self-explanatory) - what upgrade parts in particular are you asking about?

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Like the engine parts, tires, suspension etc… Where can I use them? Say if I upgrade my Golf R32 to A-class?

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There was an A Class online hopper it would have been suitable for. The class based hoppers appear to be replaced by a different class every so often. The current class hopper is S Class if you want to upgrade it that far.

Otherwise there is Free Play or the ‘open’ championships in the Driver’s Cup

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Yes exactly - you can use the parts to upgrade the car. You then have to find an event where your car meets the restrictions. Quick question - when you buy your cars do you buy them with or without homologated parts? As the default option is to buy with the necessary parts for your car to be competitive within it’s division. If you buy without the homologated parts you can then try upgrading parts in different combinations. Most of the time if you get the game to do it for you it does an average job and you will find if you homolgate the car yourself you will likely build a faster car yourself.

Hope that helps - if you still have questions, head over to the tuners lounge where there are plenty of people willing to share their advice.

What events can I drive my A-class R32 Golf in?

your other thread got locked so you try it in a different angle?


In Career; None. Online; None (no A class hopper currently).

Your limited to doing freeplay races.

But to explain the system; You car has points, more points, higher leagues and better cars. On top of this cars are also limited to a “series” or chassis type groups to make the racing closer. So cars in a series get a pre-defined points limit to stay in the series rules. You are free to change any parts you like with the exception of tyre compounds and your horsepower is set to a maximum cap. As long as you keep your car at or under the points limit for the series, you can race it in career events.

If you exceed the points limit your car is no longer eligible to race in its series.

So most people buy a “basic” car with no extra parts added and then put in bits they want up to the points score and then race them. IF you dont like that, and just want to buy a car and race it the game will “homologate” the car for you when you purchase it (IE it picks the bits to add). When you buy a car from the pre-race screen it is ALWAYS homologated.

Cool, thanks!

Can you not race them in the 5 Open championships in career?

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Open means any class within its restrictions. Its not a “break out” system like online hoppers. Oh an btw there are 10 open series. You get elite versions once you win the Forza cup.

Cool thanks, I’m getting close to finishing the career. never realised more events would open! bonus :slight_smile: