Where can i download the game from

Ideally I would have liked to directly ask someone from support but that’s got me nowhere so far, So I’ll just make a topic.

There’s a few things that I’m confused about in regards to the FH3 Launch on PC. I purchased the ultimate edition off of the Xbox app for windows 10 and i was wondering where i download the game from when its released, Not sure if I’m downloading it straight from the app or if i have to use the windows store. If i do have to install it off the windows store i might need help with an issue with my accounts. My windows store app is logged into my business email and i cant find a way to sign out of it since my windows is directly linked to that email. There’s an add another account option


but it says something about it having to be a work or school account and won’t let me sign into the one that i purchased the game on.
Also wondering if there will be an option to Pre-download the game so i can play it as soon as it’s released. Also will there be an exact time of release posted, I’d like to start playing from the minute it’s available.

Sorry for asking so many questions
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First, read the Announcement thread at the top of the forum about updating your Windows.
Read the FAQ to get a basic understanding of how buying and installing works.

In the Windows Store, click on the person icon next to the Search box in the upper right of the window.
Click whichever name is signed in.
Click it again to Sign Out.
Sign in with the Microsoft account you used to buy the game.

Watch this video for how to install the game to your PC: Everything You Need to Know About Xbox Play Anywhere - Xbox Wire
Read the Digital/Windows (ie How do I buy the game on PC?) thread for discussion about using the Windows Store.
Use the Release Dates thread for discussion and info about pre-loading times.


Thanks, Had no idea that you could sign out of windows store since the option is kinda hidden.