Where are the moderators?

Some of us play Forza 5 with our kids and grandkids. I’m really tired of seeing profanity and vinyls depicting private parts of the human anatomy posted on a daily basis. Some of these stay posted in FM5 for over 24 hours. Where are the moderators? These immature individuals are ruining an otherwise pleasant family experience.


i dont paint but i have never seen that in the game. if you see it report it and they’ll get banned. eventually there wont be anybody left to use those cars that would use them. and you have to remeber alot of players act immature and childish…because they are immature and children. when i was 10 i though farts were the funniest thing in the world, not so much anymore. but alot of times people act like children because they are children…and alot of parents these days dont seem to care. while i haven’t seen anything i have heard alot. i was glad more than once my family could only see the game and hear the race not the chat. the tuly offensive stuff i have experienced was audible not visual. i muted them. you should start blocking them.

This is why online interactions are not rated by the ESRB … these things simply cannot be controlled on a 'round-the-clock basis. Since you seem genuinely upset, I strongly suggest you create child accounts and employ some of the privacy/security features that Xbox Live gives to parents.

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Do a random vinyl search and you’ll routinely see vinyls instructing you to have coitus with yourself and crude drawings of male and female reproductive organs. It’s not appropriate.

We understand - you are preaching to the choir. Report the designs and move on. It is all you can do apart from, as I suggested above, create a child account for your kids and grandkids to limit their accessibility to user created content.

It is odd seeing all that stuff but if you just keep reporting them you will see less and less. Once someone gets banned for doing it they normally stop but if they dont they will get a longer ban. I reported 5 last night and will prolly find more tonight. I do agree with eagle though and create a child one so you can keep it to a minimum for the little guy

i dont do paint. i hit the y button which lets me select factory paint.it may not be appropriate but if you know its gonna be there and offensive dont go there. its like going to a doctor and telling him it hurts when you bang your head into the wall and he tells you to stop head banging then. paint never won a race. teach the kids tuneing rather than painting. that can actually win a race.

You don’t have to be a d**k about it *Pun Intended.

Seriously, don’t hate on all painters because you don’t like 11 year old’s with penis drawings. Also let me help you out here.

PS: I think society would prefer you to teach your kids grammar, punctuation and spelling before you instruct them in the in’s and out’s of Forza.

Cheers, Ace

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Yo I saw you’re paints in that segment earlier last week. Very nice stuff man.

Thanks mate, I am glad you like them, really means a lot. I also hope this grammar lesson hasn’t made me out as a jerk in your mind. I just get a bit touchy when people try to trivialize the work that painters go through to create these designs. Cheers mate, glad you like.



the moderators cannot help you on this , if you see these posted on the sharefront click on them and report them this is theonly way to get T10s attention and get the garbage off the game

The question is where are the moderators? I have reported numerous incidents and nothing seems to be done about it. Hence the reason for the question.

They are there, remember there are few hundreds of thousand people on forza 5.

Ace: Name calling now? How quaint. Check out BIG D KTM’s portrait of you as you search for his vinyls.

Don’t quite know what you mean, but you know you’r famous when you start having haters. :wink:

Clearly your looking for a way to ruffle feathers by the looks of your posts in this thread. The OP was bringing up an issue that needs to be resolved. NOT hating on painters with talent.

ok what i meant by my earlier post that the forum mods here can only handle things on this site, now if you pm them on here with pics and replays they can hand them over to the T10 enforcement team, but the faster way is to hit the report offensive button in game on what they have posted up T10 looks at all of the reports it just takes some time

It all started with cod , and unfortunatly it reached its peak with gta a good but 18 rated game released at the end of the 360 lifespan.any game online is for 14 to 90, offline its ok but children will encounter words that they probably will have heard anyway.the bottom line is if t10 had the resourses to sort this out you
would say goodbye to fm6.

In all seriousness, where are any responses ever from Turn 10. Theres so many concerns from the players and NEVER have I seen a response to any question that is plaguing the community. Big questions too, (not saying that this isnt a problem), but stuff like Lobbies lmfao?? Oh man. I’d say report them and just ignore it for now. That new system is coming out soon I believe which will allow players to have a more harsh rating, so until then just wait it out man.

Yea but people take advantage of those situations, i do’nt think it means no lobbys.i’m still on rivals,i havent played lobbys yet, i’m not sure but i think they will bring back organised lobbys,im guessing from the recent non collision lobby.