Where are the cool looking anime vinyls?

I remembered in horizon 1 there was crazy anime designs on every car. Now I look in the store and nothing is or very little is there. What happened?

They can be found in the vinyl editor/ “Apply Details” section, just try to put a vinyl on and hit LB then the view/select button and you can search for them. There’s not that many anymore.

If you meant designs, they removed the ‘Anime’ category (Dumb move BTW) and replaced it with ‘Cartoon’, there isn’t that many at all.
Hope this helps.

In previous Forza (360), 99.9% of the “legit” anime designs were made by Japanese players. (Many many out there were obtained illegitimately, files were ripped and got unlocked without any permission from original artist, they were wide-spread and many artists gave up the game or at least kept things private due to this)

Also, Xbone isn’t very popular in Japan, so it’s not a surprise that many of them are not around anymore. Not to mention without the function for vinyl group transfer from FM5 to FH2, it does hurt quite a bit.

There are still a small number of anime designs out there, but you need very specific keywords such as character’s name or the title of the anime/game. You can still try itasya or itasha.