Where are the cars from the 14 February Car Pack?

It’s now the 16th of February, but when I log into FH4 and go to the car-pack releases with the TVR and The Cadillac, clicking on either one gives me the dialog:

“This car will be released on 02/14/19.”

And it’s been like this since the 14th.

It’s not on the ‘dealer either, but if I head to the auction house I can get one for an moronically absurd price.

How do we car-pack paying Forzaoids get the car as we are supposed to?


I’ve been suffering this too and I tried every method online and it won’t work and it’s frustrating because the tech support won’t even reply

I had to relaunch the game to get them to show up.

Over 100 threads about this issue

Try reinstalling your car pass

If not working restart your game/ console properly…not just on and off