Where are all the traffic cars?

Certainly seems like this was, for some reason, an intentional decision? But one of my favorite things about just cruising around a large open map (instead of Forza Motorsport style racing) is driving in an around all the traffic cars. I can understand maybe throwing in the option to disable traffic, but just having the entire map “cleared out” by default is very confusing. I hope they change this :frowning:


i think there are more if you go offline. i think its a network thing.

ive certainly seen cars, especially in street races and story missions. infact theyre quite annoying then as they get in the way

FH4 is the same way if you’re playing online. Change to solo mode. At least 10x more traffic.

There is less traffic when online in FH4, thats true, but I have NO TRAFFIC when online in FH5.

That’s because fh5 is set in a post apocalyptic Mexican world where you are the sole survivor.

Your mission is to not get eliminated by the invisible spirits that lurk the land.

This world is plagued with mystery where you often encounter dejuvu.

The world may also seem familiar to you but with a dry desert like finish.

Cherish your time in this life, your 5th life as your 6th life is destined for more misery and doom.

And your name is Cobalt. Alex Cobalt.


Personally I like the number of cars at present in online mode. Nothing worse then trying to blast down the highway and having to swerve through a billion cars.

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I mostly play offline No traffic at all. Can’t even do promo shots.
Great for doing speed zones ETC. 300+ on hiway ez, nothing to hit.
No traffic at festivals either.

I have actually zero traffic, if I play online, it’s simply dead or the people are spending all the money at the festival so they sold their own cars :smiley:

At the start there was also online traffic.
But now, puh a bit boring without traffic, so I changed to singleplayermode.

I also don’t like how ghost-townish this game is.

I hear the “too much traffic would make some speed trap more difficult to do” but i listen to “playing in an open world game without any life is dull and depressing” a lot more.

Come on, don’t tell me it’s funny to ride in a ghost world, it’s not.

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I agree ! :+1:t2: well said.

He in FH 3 you had to dodge Traffic IN the speed zones/Drift Zones.
That was fun haha

I do agree that the no traffic is weird.

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Haha yea and people complain now that traffic “could” make speed traps difficult.
For me it is quite random - sometimes no traffic at all, sometimes I would say FH4 levels. Always online

I dont believe that this is intentional. It feels like a bug.

I’m fairly sure it is a bug, sometimes when I’m playing I’ll just suddenly notice that all the traffic has disappeared for no reason even though there was traffic when I started.

It’s a bug if it’s offline mode, online mode has always felt like a wasteland due to lack of traffic and a dozen or so online players spread across a big map.

This happens to me often after the game connects to horizon life or to an online event or rivals and I return to offline Solo mode.

Closing the game down and restarting and staying in Solo mode solves it. Going to home screen and quick resume doesn’t reset the traffic, you have to close it down. I used to get the same in FH4 but less often.

The entire online experience is pure trash right now.

AI traffic is very hit and miss at the moment: Most of the time there is very little and you can go 5 minutes or more without seeing one; come back into the game a few hours later and it’s at FH4 levels. Whether it’s servers or what but there needs something in the middle as a lack of AI traffic does make the game feel empty

Traffic is okay in solo mode but could be better. When my session switched to online the other day I literally saw all the traffic disappear in front of my eyes once it connected.

I’m finding more traffic offline than in all previous games so i don’t know why it is different for other players.