When will the DLC Disappear?

Because i just started using MS Rewards and the goal is 50 Dollar Gift Code, which is a whooping 50 000 (46 000 if your a lvl 2) Points and i fear that the dlc will disappear before i even get the 50 Dollar Gift Code.

Horizon 2 was an XBox Live Gold game just around the time that Horizon 4 came out. And about that same time, the Storm Island DLC went on sale for a time just before it all disappeared.

So if Horizon 3 follows a similar pattern, then it may offer clues to when the DLC will go away; If the DLC goes on sale, if the core game is available as a Live Gold game, and/or Horizon 5 has been announced and the launch date approaching, then you might want to grab the Horizon 3 DLC while you can.

If we follow the times when older Forza games were taken off the Xbox Live store, I’d expect the DLC to stay online for another 2 years, so don’t fret.

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Do you mean that it will disappear in 2021?

Forza 6 will probably be delisted this year. So get the DLC for that game before October.

Horizon 3 will be delisted probably next year. So you have more than a year to get all the content.

I think it’s a good idea to pay attention on Forza 6 Apex this year too. It was released one year after Forza 6, so probably to be delisted the same year as Horizon 3.
But I will not be surprised if Turn10 use the delisting of Forza 6 this year as an excuse to also delist Forza 6 Apex.

UPDATE Forza Horizon 3 Will be delisted on september 27th