When do emails go out?

Considering we have to confirm participation by June 4th, when will the emails be sent? What email address should we expect them to come from?

we arnt getting them… they lied… it was all a ploy to get a certin number of players to play for sponser reasons…

Well today is June 1st and nobody has gotten the email yet. Gfinity does not seem to be the the kind of organization that likes to give information to people. One of my teammates actually told me that the host for his last race didn’t even know that she needed a visa until like literally a couple days ago and had to rush to a French embassy to get one. Seems something kind of important to tell your employees.

Interestingly enough, I also heard that the NYC invitational was pretty much 95% Turn 10’s doing; Gfinity had little to do with it in terms of organizing it. So that tells me that this is a Gfinity problem. It clearly is not an organization that cares about its employees, nor the players in its tournaments.

Nothing here as well :frowning:

While it sucks we have not received anything yet, I am kind of relieved to hear that no one has got anything yet because that means we are all in the same boat and no one is technically getting left behind.

Let’s do this guys, I will post here as soon as I get something and if you guys get something, make sure to post it as well and let us know!

As for the organization, from experience in past events, usually everything related to travel is pretty rushed, so this is not surprising yet. They usually only give us three days notice. That means that tomorrow we should be getting something hopefully.

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Anyone knows if France requires VISA for the invited players?

Depends on your country. USA does not need a visa. You should check out the website for France’s embassy in your country to make sure.

Hm… I think US requires P1 VISA for non-US citizens to be able to participate e-sports league. France recognized e-sports as a legal activity last year, but there is no clarification on what VISA is needed for foreigner. I wonder how they can handle tax reporting (from cash prize) if a player visits with VISA waiver program which usually forbids any commercial activity.

I’ve received my email, as have others I’ve spoken with.

RSVP by 5pm Sunday the 4th. No word on format other than “driving through the night”.

I received an invite and I have no idea why. I didn’t qualify for either path. I’m confused.

Swerve, your invite is legit. It may not be easily apparent from leaderboards because Rivals qualification takes priority over Race qualification, meaning lower rankings get bumped up into a qualifying spot.

Ahhh I didn’t consider that. Great observation, thanks.

I didn’t play week 3 and didn’t practice for week 2 races and still made it. Go figure. Lol.


I didn’t get an email. I can only assume they have read my thread or I did tell YMTV Mellish I won’t be attending and he passed this on.

Email them at forzatravel@ncompassonline.com