I’m doing ok for speed in most races, but not convinced I’m nailing my acceleration optimally. Have TC off, and want to know, am I aiming for a tiny bit of wheel spin, or none at all? As in, if I’m feeling any vibration feedback at all in the throttle trigger, am I doing it wrong? Or is a tiny amount what I’m aiming for?

Does it also depend on the car?

The simple answer is, If your wheels are spinning you are losing momentum. The desired result is one where your momentum is maintained right on the edge of wheel spin, or tires squealing.

This is technically true, though my experience with bias ply has taught me to chuck it in and slide it out. I’ll sacrifice a few tenths for the grin factor :slight_smile:

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And there are those who can dominate doing just that.

There’s a fine line between pleasure and pain!

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Throttle control is king in FM7.

If you leave yourself the ability to kick the rear on command, profit.


You can be quick exceeding grip but in this game exceeding traction hurts.

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I’ve always found a little bit of wheelspin is better than not enough throttle.

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I was thinking the same thing. It’s because you have the vibration feedback when you go a little too far, but no idea when you’re just under the threshold.

Nope you’re doing it right. A little vibration means you are at or close to peak traction. The tires are about to give way. You can also slide a little out of a corner as long as you a little gentle with steering inputs and are at or near full throttle.

Some car wheel spin is unavoidable on acceleration. Like in many BMW cars, shifting from 2nd to 3rd causes the tires to spin a little. Sometime if you have to shift in the corner or right at corner off it’ll upset the car. Outside of tuning/build fixes, you may be better off taking the corner at a higher gear. This is a common problem by many…gear selection.

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Yeah. I think gear selection is likely an area I’m struggling with, I think I go one gear too low in slower corners. But I find the car turns easier if I do that. At same time I then find I have to be very gentle getting back on the throttle and often seem to lose time on those around me. But also find I get the opposite issue at other times and find that I’m in too high a gear and get bogged down. Think I just need to see which works best in wherever car I’m using.

Thanks for the advice though everyone. I do feel I’m driving ok, was in enthusiast leagues earlier and regularly qualifying top 3, and pole reasonably often, but I’m sure there’s room for improvement. Lost a lot of ranking points though as a result of decent laptimes. It doesn’t matter how fast and clean you are if some idiot smashes you off the track first corner and you have to battle from the back every race. *but that’s a rant for another thread :grinning: