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I can map my E-Brake to the clutch pedal and it registers OK but in game I get nothing happening at all when I try to use it.
Been trying to get this resolved for months.
Been sending tickets that all get marked as solved when it clearly hasn’t been.
They say it’s on the Known Issues list but it isn’t.
Struggling to play game without it. It was all working fine before the October OS update that wrecked the wheel completely from even letting the game start. After some updates, the game would start but this issue appeared.
Everything is still as normal on all other Forza Titles - only FH5 gives me this issue.

Tickets logged at present - All say Solved yet the issue persists.

Also - Max - why is this not marked in the categorised as being in the Troubleshooting section even though I used that as the category when creating ?
Tried making it in the Troubleshooting hub but the create topic in there is blanked out.

Max - getting sick of this not being sorted out. Been asking for a resolve for 5 months. They keep saying it’s on the known issues list but it isn’t. This is really affecting gameplay.
When will it be resolved and why is it so hard so pinpoint the issue when all was fine till October last year ?

This issue is currently under investigation and tracked on our known issues article as
Wheels - PC - Wheels / Force Feedback (FFB) not functioning properly after Series 14 for some players.

The issue has been there since the Donut media update (4+ months at the time of writing this). It kills the fun and makes the game unplayable and frustrating.

This is not listed in this forum’s known issues (only listed in the support site with an ambiguous title).

The details are as follows.

What is the issue: the ffb has a long interval, like 0.2s or so which is huge. So for example, the ffb should be 50% left at t=0, it stays that force until like t=0.2.

How does it feel: the wheel does a linear oscillation (e.g., linear left then linear right and repeat, emphasis on linear => unupdated force) at speed depending on the load/speed (whether the force resonates well with the ffb update frequency…) when you take your hands off the wheel. Driving is not fun because of the lack of realtime feel. Drifting is pretty much impossible and is VERY painful, the steering wheel pretty much abuses you. Offroading is a pain. Car control in any way is hard. Fast paced race is even worse. Generally, the ffb is delayed and unnatural and you have to fight the wrong unupdated forces too.

My setup: PC, Msft/Xbox store version, G920 wheel.

More info/conversations:

I also have this issue on a G920 on Steam. I’ve been using the following settings to get around it, it’s still much worse than pre-November-8th (2022, in case this goes that long…), but it’s usable. You might want to increase Center Spring and/or FFB Scale further based on your preferences.

From my testing, Wheel Damper Scale doesn’t work at all after the patch, and the problems you’re describing seem to be related to Minimum Force and Load Sensitivity, which is why I turned them all the way down (which makes the FFB extremely weak if you leave everything else the same) and turned Mechanical Trail Scale all the way up to try to compensate.

I’ve also used a Thrustmaster T248 which seems to not have the issue at all, although I hadn’t used it before the patch.

Thanks for the advice but I’ve always had the min force set to minimum, load sensitivity doesn’t change the ffb frequency (still has the high interval either way, and everything I described is just caused by high interval), btw the highest load sensitivity is the most realistic and feels connected (when it’s not broken). I’ve tried different settings and the default settings, and tried to fix it in other ways, but no luck, sucks in races and car control situations, it just has to be fixed by the devs and it shouldn’t take soooo long.

As a full time wheel user in this game, this really sucks.

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It’s not fixed with the latest hotfix btw.

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